Google Pixel 4 to come in Slightly Green, Maybe Pink, Sky Blue and Really Yellow

09 October 2019
That's alongside the Clearly White, Just Black and Oh So Orange.

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Maybe pink and oh so orange.. so creative.. lol

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Pixel 4 to come in Slightly silly, Maybe stupid, Sky high p... moreWhy such hate? I disagree with you mr nobody anonymous. I find the colour naming to the point and funny. Unlike the others. Example the note 10. That's clearly an XZ Premium copy back with a rainbow effect.

You just can't laugh with these names. It shows the others how stupid sometimes they name the colours on their phones when the colours are obviously Black or white for example.

Range of colours doesnt change a thing this phonne is super overpriced and ugly.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Pixel 4 to come in Slightly silly, Maybe stupid, Sky high p... moreBecause the best software optimization on Android and the best smartphone camera on the market aren't features.

not afraid of the colour palate but some definitive colours be nice and not week pastels

  • Anonymous

Pixel 4 to come in Slightly silly, Maybe stupid, Sky high price and Really devoid of useful features, in addition to Clearly boring, Just crippled and Oh so overpriced variants.

Who ever thought of those silly color names for the various color variants of the Pixel 4 phones obviously has the Joker's mad sense of humor.

The color descriptions aren't funny or catchy in any way, and they add zero value to the Pixel phones' already bruised image as poor value devices - overpriced phones that start at 64GB with no micro sd expansion, no dual sim, no headphone jack, poor 2800mAh battery capacity and sporting the ugliest notch in the whole Android world whilst shamelessly selling upwards of CDN$1000.

Good luck Google for being stubborn, for not giving the most popular features users want in a phone year in and year out
because your mad designers really believe having the best camera and the fastest software updates is enough motivation for android users to shell out CDN $1000 for a crippled phone.

good for kids

  • Galaxy A30 user

i am just waiting for it....really nice color.....

I'm actually digging all the colors except the yellow one. I would always get every phone in black though. Why? Easier to get a case for it. I don't like getting a black case for a white phone.

I remember changing my mind and wanting to get the white Pixel 3. I'm glad I couldn't because the black one is perfect for me. I'm starting to be addicted to these TPU slim cases. Hides imperfections and the case designs can make the phone look even better.

  • Anonymous

I remember when Nexus S / Google came out.. Now thats what one cool phone to own.

Now... it only attract toddlers.

Slightly Green, Really Yellow, Just Black, Oh so Orange, Clearly White, Maybe Pink
These names are so childish

  • Anonymous

Palacs-genyacs, 10 Oct 2019Instead of 'OH,SO ORANGE',Google will say 'OH,MY GOD',when ... moreIf they didn't care before then why would they start caring now? They want their Pixel smartphones to compete with iPhones, that means copying their features and prices.

  • Palacs-genyacs

Instead of 'OH,SO ORANGE',Google will say 'OH,MY GOD',when they will see the tragic sale numbers of their overpriced,middle specced phone.Epic fail.

Yes more colors the better! Liking the green and sky blue.

If it weren't for it's stellar software, these pixel phones are like any other over priced Android phones.

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019congratulations you have 3 cases and 3 phones, but it's sil... moreHahaa. Cince they are with imperfections maybe he owns a galaxy s5, iphone 5 and alcatwl pixi 3 LOL

  • Joshy

matt00112233, 09 Oct 2019google is starting to do too much with these colorsThat’s actually a hilarious comment lol

  • Anonymous

The yellow one is awesome. Finally some fresh colours instead of the same old, boring ones.
Although I'm not an idiot to buy overpriced material on the first day, a year after its release, if my Pixel 2 gives up, I might update it to that one.

matt00112233, 09 Oct 2019google is starting to do too much with these colorsI think the yellow and white were the one thing they got right this year.