OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro event: what to expect

09 October 2019
The OnePlus 7T is already official, but we should hear about its European launch. As for the 7T Pro, we expect no major changes.

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I wonder if it will be available via their oneplus site for european countries like Slovakia i mean MC Laren edition.

  • Anonymous

lol imagine youre gsmarena posting this "rumour" on their 7T pro advance review unit

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019When this event It starts in about half an hour, you can watch it here:­o_launch_live_here-news-39566.php

  • Anonymous

When this event

  • Anonymous

People, just saw on a website, here in the Europe, the Oneplus 7T Pro is already on pre-sale, and cost 712 euros

  • Anonymous

Take my money already !!!

  • Anonymous

no no , 10 Oct 2019i will never buy a oneplus again and I never recommend it. peopl... more
Have uswd .ine for 3 years for 12 hours +ours a day as a work phone. Has been abused , charged alot due to usage and the quality is amazing.....No problems ever !

Expect a huge price hike. And after 6 months, when a new OnePlus device launches, expect less than 40% trade off value on its predecessor.

  • Okko

"We can expect soldered on storage solutions without the ability to expand into the future. We have decided to settle on how many photographs and video clips you can store on your phone. We have settled."

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019Pete, please, send the 7Tpro to US as well, I’m waiting for it ... moreAs per the leaks, there's a miniscule amount of difference between 7 Pro & 7T Pro, so you might as well buy the 7 Pro if you can find it for cheaper than 7T Pro.

Maybe a 120hz screen? Otherwise its a small jump.. 7 to 7t is 90hz screen and an extra camera. 7 pro to 7t pro should offer more

  • no no

i will never buy a oneplus again and I never recommend it. people believe what youtuber say about the phone. oneplus had bad quality just go to the official oneplus forum and u will found a ton of people reclaims about the camera quality and the focusing problem. and oneplus don't even answering or reacting to the people.
don't believe me just buy one and use it for 2 years and you will find out.

  • Dometalican

Tiny upgrade in battery, no expandable memory, and no headphone jack.

We all know what's coming.

  • Anonymous

Pete, please, send the 7Tpro to US as well, I’m waiting for it and I could buy the non-pro, or the old-pro, but you know, as you say... “never settle” ;)

  • Anonymous

Higher prices, as usual.

  • i like that

i hope this phone will come to canada/ looks like the lg g8 with longer camera and flash under camera.. very nice

What to expect?

Nothing. All has been leaked.