LG V50S ThinQ is official in South Korea - the 5G version of G8X ThinQ

10 October 2019
It is coming with the upgraded LG Dual Screen as well.

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  • sxs
  • 06 Dec 2020

pls someone reply.. is lg v50s comes with the 2nd screen or not?? or you have to buy it separately like the lg v50??

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    • Kris
    • LGw
    • 22 May 2020

    v50s it's actually 8GB Ram + 256GB Storage (upgrade to regular g8x = 6GB Ram+128GB Storage)

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 12 Oct 2019

      LG thanks no.
      Not interested in dying brands with unpopular OS upgrading problems.

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        • tgi01054
        • u96
        • 12 Oct 2019

        You can buy LG V50S in ebay.

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          • s-pen pusher
          • PMT
          • 11 Oct 2019

          Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Seems like the second screen have the front camera.. The fi... morei see.

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            • User
            • vF3
            • 11 Oct 2019

            LG is the best. best wishes.

              Will definitely prefer the G8X as 5G is still immature in my country. Heck, it's still under testing.

              As for that Dual Screen accessory? It's ZTE Axon M all over again, and I couldn't thank LG more for rekindling that idea. It's a much more viable solution compared to Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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                • 0Wh
                • 10 Oct 2019

                Sathish, 10 Oct 2019It is 5G variant so the price is on the higher side.In three months we will have even 5G mid-rangers so that is not an excuse and less with their bad customer SAT and updates services that can't justify their prices.

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                  • Sathish
                  • u1f
                  • 10 Oct 2019

                  It is 5G variant so the price is on the higher side.

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                    • Malik
                    • 7t7
                    • 10 Oct 2019

                    Inverted snowhuouV, 10 Oct 2019When will LG learn?When no more lg fan left like you and me

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                      • gam30to
                      • RXg
                      • 10 Oct 2019

                      Love the Community, 10 Oct 2019Microsoft Surface Duo is better than this. That is just a p... morei agree with you there. Surface Duo looks like one phone. of course it doesn't have the thin bezels/notch/all screens from 2019, but it looks like something that's put together. it looks nice. it looks like an elegant device. This one just looks likes two 2019 phones stuck together and sell it for $1100+. honestly i don't care about the flex screen like the Galaxy Fold. Just make it nice.

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                        • Inverted snowhuouV
                        • IW@
                        • 10 Oct 2019

                        When will LG learn?

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                          • AnonD-558092
                          • IBL
                          • 10 Oct 2019

                          Canada? Are you sure? We haven't begun the necessary spectrum auctions yet for 5G and we haven't settled the Huawei issue either. Surprised they'd launch a 5G device here anyway...

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                            • Love the Community
                            • Fv4
                            • 10 Oct 2019

                            Microsoft Surface Duo is better than this. That is just a phone with an addon while Surface Duo is one thing.

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                              • mJs
                              • 10 Oct 2019

                              LG - what happened to your mobile phone branch? They are not pleasing the eye, nor are they innovative or nice to have and they aren't cheap aswell...one could say they are just poor attempts. I love your other products but what happened to all mobile devices released after the g6? Fake notches, heavy bezels, poor "foldables" (look at that surface that isnt a real foldable aswell!), uninspired design that looks worse than any realme or xiaomi. Also I havent seen advertisement in years. Why not just give up the branch or reroll to awesome attempts like the g5! Would defo gotten it when I had the money at the time...

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                                • Borland
                                • nvU
                                • 10 Oct 2019

                                Expensive. Very expensive.

                                  I am now convinced that LG just had given up on being competitive in its smartphone-IoT portfolio and putting its focus on its TV and appliances going foward.

                                    Price is too steep, considering the iPhone 11 starts at a lower price than this

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                                      • Aadrian
                                      • Sk@
                                      • 10 Oct 2019

                                      I am a little bit lost with how LG is naming their devices.

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                                        • Kxu
                                        • 10 Oct 2019

                                        s-pen pusher, 10 Oct 2019why the notch on the second screen?Seems like the second screen have the front camera.. The first screen is just a see thru notch glass.

                                        So if they open or close it, the front camera still can be used. Plus side.. save 1 camera.