Oppo Reno Ace brings 90Hz display, Snapdragon 855+ and 65W charging

10 October 2019
The Reno Ace comes with the fastest commercially available charger.

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  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019The twin of OnePlus 7TMore like the better twin of OnePlus 7T because it has a headphone jack.

This Phone is damn cheap with this great Spec...almost perfect...Oppo can make notch look sexy....its smaller and look good......Its Tempting to get Oppo Reno Ace ryt me

I had a feeling that Reno is going to be another sub brand or subsidiary, I mean just look at all the phone came out under Reno brand.

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zhariya, 10 Oct 2019im 90% sure this is the realme x2 pro rebranded Don't you mean the other way around? Remember, Realme is Oppo's female dog.

Great specs, but one thing that keeps it away from my next phone is the notch.

  • Krisheart

So this is going to be RealMe X2 Pro

For an Oppo device, this is the best value phone they've made. However, the 8+128GB variant is priced exactly with Redmi K20 Pro 8+512GB so it is slightly expensive. Still, I'd get this over the Redmi.

  • TimApple

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Updates and the OS are more important for me.If your main concern is OS updates then get an iPhone. You get 4+ years of OS support and better overall software experience.

There's the Pixel but at its price... you're better off with the iPhone or Note series if you want the stylus and larger display.

OnePlus phones are great despite the Android not because of it but admittedly Oxygen is still better than "stock" Pixel software. True stock Android, AOSP and its derivatives like LineageOS, are basically unusable unless you also get gapps for it but even then it's a bit different from Pixel software. It's funny how a cheaper device has better software than the overpriced Pixel known for that very thing. The only good thing is you get a good camera and fast updates though they're often buggy on Pixels.

The main draw of Android phones are either the features like the stylus and screen on the Note 10 or the price like OP7 Pro which half of iPhone 11 Pro Max despite being extremely close in specs bar a few things like camera and SoC and even OP7 Pro being better in some aspects like the display.

But if your main concern is software, iPhone is the way to go always.

chmod xxx, 10 Oct 2019Another generic Chinese phone release but wait... Gundam ed... moreDo you see any other phones with 65 W charging?

im 90% sure this is the realme x2 pro rebranded

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 10 Oct 2019I honestly find the Oppo Reno Ace more interesting than the... moreUpdates and the OS are more important for me.

  • Anonymous

Holy mother of fast charging!
Super Vooc 2.0 + QC + USB-PD

  • Yusuf

The colour OS is the only thing stopping me to ever think about purchasing an Oppo phone. Needs to go

  • Essanpe

Finally, a phone that's satisfactory in all aspects.

  • Anonymous

90 Hz screen, crazy charging speed, Nfc, earphone jack, dual speaker and good price this is perfect I like it. Not to mention awesome charger that supports VOOC + USB PD + QC what else do you want?

  • Anonymous

The price should be the same for all the world. If this is priced 422 dollars in Europe it will make a killing. But like this with limited availability and if it even comes to the rest of the world the price will be at least 50% higher such a shame

I honestly find the Oppo Reno Ace more interesting than the OnePlus 7T.

That Gundam version looks so cool

  • chmod xxx

Another generic Chinese phone release but wait... Gundam edition?

That significantly upped my interest in the phone.

  • Anonymous

The twin of OnePlus 7T