OnePlus 7T Pro goes on sale in India

12 October 2019
Priced at INR53,999 ($760/€690), it comes with a Snapdragon 855+ SoC, notchless display, and triple rear cameras.

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  • Anonymous

Asus ROG Phone 2.. is way better than this overprise

Black Shark 2 pro and Asus ROG Phone 2 will give good run for money though OP7TP is way ahead in software and Camera departments....really amazing to see how much value can be seen if you compare the latest iPhone prices vs features

Anyone buying this phone is Brian washed somewhere. 53k for OnePlus phone is joke. There many sheep out there eat this Grass

  • IndianUser

Indian Oneplus users are like they have bought the ultimate flagship even it does have many flaws (not a true flagship) but they don't care about it. It's like it became a brand to show off that they have bought a product and they are so smart for buying it. IMO OnePlus used to be a very good brand when it was a flagship killer now it is neither a flagship nor a flagship killer. It is something in between and People are getting brainwashed that they are getting something superior to every flagship.

I really do not understand how the "Flagship killer" now has become a flagship (with several shortcomings as well) and yet, so many of my fellow Indians are buying into this just cos some Youtuber/Influencer said it's a good phone. Perfect example of 'sheep'.

  • piku

sr777, 12 Oct 2019Yes. OnePlus has built a good reputation for themselves. Sp... moreLOL updates,Are you even a OnePlus user?I seriously doubt it. I am a OnePlus 6 user we were getting unnecessary updates(Most of them are only bug fixes no camera improvements) and frequent updates till OnePlus 6T launched, then we are ignored like we are using a very old OnePlus device.
With each update OnePlus destroyed camera I mean now my OnePlus 6 capture blurry and less detailed photo. I feel current mid ranger from other brands takes better image.
Thanks to GCAM modders I can stick with this phone for some more time.
Then comes OnePlus 7 and after 6 months we have OnePlus 7T so you see within a year we OnePlus 6 users are holding 3 generation old phone. OnePlus treat us like 3 years old user and now they keep on delaying Android 10 update for our device.
My suggestion is stay away from OnePlus.

Jamie Bradbury, 12 Oct 2019This phone gets smashed out the water by my iphone SENah, your iPhone 3G is even better

  • Jamie Bradbury

This phone gets smashed out the water by my iphone SE

ZloiYuri, 12 Oct 2019The only good place for OnePlus - heavily brainwashed poor ... moreThey useed to be one of the best for the price, nothing wrong with buying oneplus. But they are not the unique anymore

  • Poco f1 user here

53 k for this ????? Realme has entered the chat!!!

Perfect explanation

  • suhi

Is it true???this phone has corning gorrila glass 3!!!

YAP Rony, 12 Oct 2019almost the same price like mate 30 pro in malaysia?Yes. OnePlus has built a good reputation for themselves. Specially with the optimized Oxygen OS and good updates. So they are increasing the price.

almost the same price like mate 30 pro in malaysia?

  • ZloiYuri

The only good place for OnePlus - heavily brainwashed poor India. Very interesting case how paid trolls and influencers can change people's minds and make even void into successful thing.