Google Pixel 4, 4 XL listed on Best Buy Canada with specs and images

12 October 2019
The Pixel 4 and 4 XL are slated to go official on October 15.

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  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 13 Oct 2019I notice most people here who post negative comments about ... moreThe most ridiculous comment ever posted , PIXEL is nothing but Google bloat malware adware

2k battery lolololol at this point you are almost literally using 1k$ just for a container of your camera. if you're buying this overpriced hash at least get as a camera phone (since the quality will most likely be supurb) and nothing more, if you're using this as a man phone you deserve what's coming to you

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2019I would not mention Pixel's compromises because I believe t... moreOk, I like that better.

  • Anonymous

Looks more of the same with higher prices and nothing relevant. Aside the uglyness for those prices they should upgraded the hardware with something more interesting. New features, bigger battery instead of be that greedy. Bigger camera sensors and variety if your software is more of the same to at least be competitive in not optimal conditions and low light. Some video improvements too. More RAM, sensors and expendable memory to compensate the lower options. Etc.

  • Anonymous

I wont buy anything that comes with Google Play Services bloatware.

  • Anonymous

That's an awfully small battery on the Pixel 4

I notice most people here who post negative comments about phones likely never owned it before. And how can they be so negative over an unreleased one? Haters gonna hate.

The Pixel line is fine other than in sales. I remember how people were so negative with the first gen Pixel and calling it expensive or ugly. If you go on the comment section, more people own it because they got cheaper which led to more praises for it. Don't judge phones you never owned before.

The Pixel line is my favorite brand of phones the way PlayStation is for video games. The Pixel 4 will continue to make it worthwhile for people who don't like bloat from the South Koreans and Chinese.

  • Cod3rror

They're using the same camera, just added another telephoto camera (hello Google, everyone is already on the third camera). The main camera hardware and software is basically the same as Pixel 3, which in turn was basically the same as Pixel 2 and so on down to Nexus 5X and 6P. They need to start investing in camera hardware and put a bigger sensor in there. iPhone 11 Pro takes better daylight and night pictures than Pixel now. And considering Pixel 4 is the same as Pixel 3, they won't beat the iPhone with Pixel 4.

The design looks unimpressive. The hand gesture thing will be a gimmick that no one will use. Again, they've copied Apple and removed a nice finger print sensor on the back and will rely on the face unlock, which will of course, not work as well as it does on the iPhone. Once the Apple adds under the screen reader, Google will copy.

The only nice thing is the 90Hz refresh rate screen. But even that is in the transition now. 120Hz is where it should be.

  • Orange97

Google needs to launch the Pixel phones in Q1, not in Q4.
Snapdragon 865 is going to be launched in 1-2 months, And they are not going to use it until 2020 Q4. And by that time, the 5nm SoCs will enter the market.
SoC-wise, they are nearly 1 year behind every company.

  • Anonymous

Looks like the mix of the huge Frankenstein forehead plus the huge hump of the humpback cost a lot, seems an overpriced style watching how ugly it is. But some rare specimen could pay for those overpriced features. Like with the Apple ones. They are now parents in some way lol

  • chris

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2019These overpriced ugly phones are obsolete when you can buy ... moreNothing out there is PIXEL

  • Anonymous

These overpriced ugly phones are obsolete when you can buy an android one phone for 25% of that price.

  • Anonymous

doninusrex, 12 Oct 20192800 battery when Pixel 3 battery was crap so I returned it... moreGoogle is just very greedy. That's it.

  • Anonymous

1ns0mniac, 13 Oct 2019Great camera + full of compromises = Google Pixel.I would not mention Pixel's compromises because I believe that all other smartphone makers don'r lack of them either. For me the formula would be:
Great camera, OS interaction experience + Dated / poor design + Insane price for specs at start = Google Pixel

  • Stewardo

They really have ruined the pixels, old design, seriously small battery, not even 855+ soc, and it all comes at a premium price! They should be leading the way with Android, but feels like they are about 18 months behind Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. If it wasn't for their superior camera performance and clean software experience these phones would be nowhere!

  • Anonymous

Anders, 12 Oct 2019"If you are interested, you can pre-order the 64GB model of... moreHaters always get jealous. If u haven't noticed the apple brand is declining and it's because of Googles software and hardware. At some point ull need to grow up n come to reality.

Tech reviewers drolling over pure android is one reason why Google is charging an exorbitant price for Pixel phones. There's nothing extra in the pure android instead it's lacking many small useful utilities. The camera is the only selling point for Pixel phones.

  • kenosis

Waiting to buy Pixel 4XL in Singapore. Hopefully, 128GB is available here.

Battery disappointing for the price

Great camera + full of compromises = Google Pixel.