Black Shark 2 Pro now available in Orange Blast colorway

15 October 2019
The new version will go on sale in China starting October 18.

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Looking good it resembles me MC Laren edition by Oneplus.

This is so good

  • Anonymous

Great for 12 year olds

  • GeoGen

Rud Devil, 16 Oct 2019Half-Life color theme!🤘

That is lovely color...

Looks cool and different, pixel 4, could learn something about looking different, instead of the Huawei/Apple design.

  • Joe Slo

Alex 94, 16 Oct 2019Best color ever!!!!!!!!!!!good bye app*e hahaha

  • Rud Devil

Half-Life color theme!

Best color ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orange97

Sounds like a good deal!
By the way, I hope that Xiaomi gives something special to their Gaming Phones. Something like a 7.0" screen.