Google won't sell the Pixel 4 in India because of the radar hardware inside

15 October 2019
The Soli tech that powers Motion Sense doesn't meet the guidelines for use in the country.

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  • Puneet

I was genuinely looking forward to this phone and now because of stupid government restrictions I can't get it. Ah well guess its time to join the isheep!

The fact that Pixel 4 (with Soli disabled) was certified by BIS in india and also dozens of prototypes came to India for testing and its still not launching in this country is just extremely weird. Though, it's pretty obvious barely anyone in India would ever get a Pixel.

  • Prabhat

Its so sad. I waited for more than 8 months to get this phone and now this bummer.

This is a complete win for OnePlus.

[deleted post]Take it offensively or not, but, a certain group of people don't speak for the whole country. India, like any other country, has both group of people - one who are limited in their knowledge of brands, and another which are familiar with most out there.

Next time when you speak for any country, speak for the specific group instead of the country as a whole.

The premium Google asks as compared to USA's price isn't acceptable when compared to Samsung or Apple (It being "THE STATUS SYMBOL" in our country).

  • Anonymous

Baykko, 15 Oct 2019You made the right question. Why is this technology restricte... more:))) have you seen Insider, Erin Brokovich, J.F. Kennedy?!!! Don't you know that the american Diet and agriculture is full of toxine? They are the most sick nation in the world despite the fact that they spend the most money on the medical services in the world.
So, yes, is posible that they alow things that are not healthy for Us, but great for make money

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019The OnePlus 7T has a 90Hz screen and a 3800mAh battery and I don... moreNobody has to say when you use it you will cry for battery. OnePlus is another hyped disaster coming soon

Ah, people from the subcontinent always dragging their hated fruit brand whenever they have to justify that they spend their mediocre budget on a mediocre phone. Even if the topic of this article is about Google's mediocre phone.

It's okay keep this scam out of India. We don't want it

Why put that sh**t in the phone and make it ugly! Google will use that radar to map your surrounding, your rooms, your home. And the current use for this tech is a laughing stock! LG's new phone uses hands free gestures better!

  • Arpit singh

Hell no, i was waiting for this phone form 3 months.

  • s-pen pusher

indlvarn, 15 Oct 2019Why 60 GHz isn't allowed in India?simply, it has not been licensed for public use. it could be that the indian government is using it for its own purposes or they are reserving it for something. bandwidth is the key to the future.

  • Essen

Even the Merc S-class comes into India without its bleeding-edge radar-guided suspension system. Considering the surfaces India gets as roads, it's possibly the worst thing to omit in a luxury car. Nevertheless, that market has so much better phones at way better value, the Pixel is just that. A pixel.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019Marvel Studios movies are for little kids and man-babies lol.Only people with pea sized brains will say this, because they can't comprehend the chronological order of Marvel movies and their interconnections.

No words......RIP pixel in India

  • Neelabh110

Noooo! Then, I am gonna oppose our govt. by importing a Pixel 4XL from USA through my dad..

  • Sonder Pichel

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019The OnePlus 7T has a 90Hz screen and a 3800mAh battery and I don... moreDid you forget to mention that One plus 7 Pro comes with decent storage up to 256GB, fast-charging and absolutely stunning design? Oh, also the UI is fluid and has got a wide-angle lens? Still a no match with Pixel other than for its Night sight/Astro or Soli Whatever gimmick. I call it bonkers! The reason Pixel is popular is only for its camera and some developers already released the Gcam APK's that work with most Androids with pie. About the battery, no other smartphone maker has excelled to fine-tune battery management like Sony. Their "stamina" battery management tech is class-leading. Be it One plus's 3800 Mah or Note 10s 4300 Mah, it does no justice when it comes to the battery department. A 90Hz screen will only make it worse. I prefer a beefier battery of at least 5000 Mah than a slim phone with a poor battery.

  • Prabhat

This is so sad. For almost 8 months I waited for this phone to launch and now this heart breaking news.

  • Jojo

Another big reason why pixels not coming to India is that pixel is not great seller in the subcontinent.
No one is even showing additional interest in them .

  • Anonymous

g6 user, 16 Oct 2019well cancer if wifi 2.4 and 5ghz frequencies are related to that... moreWtf???? 60GHZ is a frequency. It does not say what particle is vibrating. So how you know its dangerous??