Moto G8 Plus shows up in leaked renders with 4,000 mAh battery and 25MP selfie cam

15 October 2019
It has a 6.3-inch IPS LCD , Snapdragon 665 chipset, and a triple camera with laser autofocus.

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  • Ramandeep Singh

Moto One Macro is a perfect budget option. Looks good with Macro camera and MediaTek Helio P70 processor...

Well its not bad at all.

karokor, 16 Oct 2019Motorola is Top 4 smartphone vendor in the US and they are ... moreIn india too they come in Top 10
Love motorola quality.. much better then redmi realme oppo vivo.
Stock Android is best in motorola.

  • s-pen pusher

Kaloka, 16 Oct 2019Says the guy who buys Chinese OEMs with ugly UI and cameraslol. is he the same person- the sony fan but buys xiaomi?

  • Anonymous

SKA ANDROID, 16 Oct 2019Why are you people trashing this phone. Hello it's a budget... moreHow optimistic of you to assume it will be $200. Going by past pricing of Moto's G series phones, it will more than likely be more than that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019surprise to see moto still aliveMoto isn't really Moto though. It has been owned by Lenovo for a few years now.

  • Riton72

Great news ! G7 plus is a great phone with a very good camera but a far too small battery. This G8 plus has à decent battery and i hope they keep the quality of the camera.
I hope to see it in Europe soon


Why are you people trashing this phone. Hello it's a budget phone for 200 bucks. Snapdragon 665 is not weak its a mid-range processor, the camera looks interesting for it's cheap price, LCD is fine. iPhone 11 had an LCD screen for 700 dollars

  • Anonymous

surprise to see moto still alive

  • bopp

007roh, 16 Oct 2019Other than the battery and action cam I don't see any other... morethat's true, Colombia for example, we only have Xiaomi and some people don't even know that brand here, we don't have Real Me, Oppo, Meizu ETC, we have the worst phones from Lenovo, Alcatel etc so yes this type of phone are very popular amount people that do know about phones HERE ...

  • Anonymous

Alexq, 16 Oct 2019I think is Part of One Family!No

  • Kaloka

NipponFan, 16 Oct 2019Ugly bezels notch bad cpu... Says the guy who buys Chinese OEMs with ugly UI and cameras

Other than the battery and action cam I don't see any other new worthwhile addition to this phone from G7 plus.

No AMOLED display.
Badly positioned fingerprint reader.
Useless notch.
Weak processor by current standards.

Looks like G8 Plus is targeted at those market where there is not much choice in budget phones.

  • GSMgasm

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019This is not a Flagship device, it's a mid range suited to t... moreTell that to Galaxy M series!

  • Anonymous

I'm trying to sell my Moto G4 Play. Good phone but a bit old now. My next phone will be an Xiaomi.

It this is priced at most $250 or 200 ideally, it still have a chance to survive the fight with redmi and realme.

but this is Moto-Leno which will screw up the pricing.

  • Alexq

I think is Part of One Family!

  • Anonymous

4000mAh battery in a smartphone nowadays is utterly boring and passé. My Lenovo P780 in 2013 with 4000mAh battery was a rarity in an era where most smartphones only had 2300mAh-2800mAh. Nobody should buy a smartphone anymore with anything less than 5000mAh, more so ifvit is a midrange phone. 4000mAh is getting stale and boring.

Ugly bezels notch bad cpu...

  • Anonymous

SohailSays, 16 Oct 2019SD 665? Still no AMOLED? No wonder why Lenovo has doomed Moto.This is not a Flagship device, it's a mid range suited to those who can't afford a Flagship or people who don't want them