Samsung patents a reverse notch display

15 October 2019
Samsung isnít the first company to patent such a design.

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  • Potato

Note9 User, 16 Oct 2019I'm glad I got my Note9 with zero interruptions in it's gorgeous... moreyou got it all wrong man, this 18.5:9 is useless.. it doesn't even have a content of its own. 16:9 & 21:9 at least they have content you can use... sometimes your phone stretching the video to match your full screen, video will be awful but you wouldn't know if you're using only S9 or whatever 18.5:9 phone.

your fact about "want to watch the whole screen" is wrong when you said you get black areas... to be clear... your phone will have up and down black areas when watching 21:9 videos BUT it will have sides black areas when watching 16:9

  • Anonymous


  • Note9 User

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019Bezels are even useful when the user holds the device in landsca... moreI totally agree, well said, consumers should never blindly follow bad trends, only buy what suits ALL your needs & oem's will soon get the message, and of course 1st & foremost that the smartphone successfully fulfills the task of a telephone incl. conference calls by having great speakers & microphone.

  • Note9 User

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019Why are we calling it a reverse notch when by definition, that i... moreInverse notch?

  • Note9 User

AlienKiss, 16 Oct 2019Everyone was making fun of Sony for having bezels, but now every... moreNever had a problem with edge panels, probably because I've got mine in a case.

Try updating Edge screen to the latest version & set accordingly and/ or turn them off when you don't need them.

  • s-pen pusher

jual, 16 Oct 2019lol....essentially they added a forehead like the pixel 4 seriesyeah. they could have just added an entire forehead altogether. add same sized chin and cram those bezels with big speaker drivers.

  • jual

lol....essentially they added a forehead like the pixel 4 series

If you look at the placed of front camera evolution and fast forward, you will it just like a back hole running around the screen, it is worthless to making these changes except for gimmick.

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous , 16 Oct 2019It is just to show they are lazy with innovation. Innovation... what innovation? F--k all mate.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019"Reverse Notch": wow, takes them this long to figure it out.It is just to show they are lazy with innovation.

  • Anonymous

Rockwell, 16 Oct 2019I got an idea for a phone 6 inch at least display with some f... moreJust wait till you drop it

  • Anonymous

"Reverse Notch": wow, takes them this long to figure it out.

  • Note9 User

I'm glad I got my Note9 with zero interruptions in it's gorgeous display panel, it's 18.5:9 (2.06:1) aspect ratio, but I would've liked 18:9 (2:1) a.r. even more, especially because I watch loads more 16:9 content mostly documentaries, for films I use 55" 16:9 TV.
But 18.5:9 makes sense for suiting the average of 16:9 & 21:9 ratios: 16:9 +21:9= 37:18 /2= 18.5:9.

But now manufacturers are going towards 21:9, so they make devices too tall & skinny & you'll have empty black bars either side for the mostly 16:9 content.

I'm glad I missed these notches & hole punches, but hope they sort out 100% uninterrupted displays soon, bezels are fine, you'll have to stick a case on bezelless anyway.

Yeah, I like to see 100% of my screen, I saw someone comment that's out of fashion now, well f*ck fashion, I won't be wearing my jeans 1/2 way down my arse either.

Here's an idea, why don't you guys manufactures just make an external notch already?? so there's a hugee spacy room for 14" display. Must be comfortable to bring such device everyday in our pocket.

  • Anonymous

Bezels are even useful when the user holds the device in landscape mode.
Extra thin or no bezels, mean that the user's hand blocks part of the display.
Front Camera, large enough earpiece (to produce adequate sound during a phone's most useful use: the phone call!!!), left channel speaker in stereo setup, sensors, notification led are either miniturized or even omited in favor of a "cut" display.
Removing or reducing useful funtionality is deterring a lot of users from purchasing a new device.
Notches/cutouts on the other hand are like having a display with a bunch of burnt pixels concentrated in one area of the display.
It is another example of the appalling industry trend in recent years to cut down functionality and present its absense as a "feature".
Other "victims" of this trend are:
- the 3.5mm headphone jack (useful not only for headphones, but also for pluging the phone to external amplifiers at hoe or in the car)
- the microSD card (useful for transfering backup data to it, create large collections of multimedia content such as music, videos, photos or even data files)
- the TV-out feature (useful for presentations, media consumption on a large screen, even gaming) - 5-6 year old phones employing microUSB 2.0 connections had HDMI output (via adaptors, remember MHL, Slimport ?), so why today's more advanced devices lack this feature?
- IR blaster (people would by 200$ smart remotes for this function, so the value of a smartphone was greatly augmented be a cheap IR led!) Some devices, i.e. LG G3/G4 also had IR receivers to copy original remotes, not easily found in databases!
- OIS (any photographer having to choose between Image Stabilization and greater pixel count, would opt for the first)
- Dual Capture (Picture in Picture from front and back camera, greatly more useful than having the user's face looking like a pig or any other cartoon!) again older phones (Samsung, LG, even Nokia, using greatly inferior to today's processors had this feature)
- Larger batteries (not only useful for everyday usage, but also for the longevity of the device... maybe that's a no-no for maufacturers)
- USB On-the-Go (for plugging-in flash drives)
etc, etc...
Yet the devices grow in size in each itereation! So the argument "not enough space" is realy not believable!
Consumers are no idiots. The industry should not impose trends like the above that are offending to their intelligence.

  • Joni

Samsung do something creative, its worse idea

Don't worry guys, it's just a patent and it's for some purpose like Apple can't make phone like this

  • akw

Finally they have same idea like me , i waited for months or maybe more than a year to companies go on upper notch or better called reverse notch ! thank you , see also:­_selfie_camera_design-news-39603.php

  • Anonymous

I dont see a problem with a slim bezel like the s9. This just looks stupid, pointless and makes the phone look old fashioned.
Still with a slim bezel thats just big enough to mount the needed cameras sensors and notification lights. Its practical it works and looks perfect.
Move on and concentrate on new ideas for a phone and stop tinkering with something that works and looks perfect.

  • Rockwell

I got an idea for a phone

6 inch at least display with some form of AMOLED

Front dual speakers

Square corners

Fingerprint under the display OR side mounted

And for the camera, have the rear camera flip around to the front, but hide it UNDER the display