TSMC has optimistic predictions of 300 million 5G phones being sold next year

16 October 2019
Strategy Analytics and others are forecasting less optimistic numbers. Still, by 2025, 5G phone sales will exceed 1 billion.

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Funny i can name at least 10 countries which dont even have 4G so a 5G and 300 million devices is a big lie.
They can i mean people can buy even the 3 billion of 5G devices but will use only a4G network.

i do have a 5G handset, and although there is no 5G coverage at the moment, there will be soon.
I dont plan on changing my handset anytime soon so this will last well into the 5G era.
the handset cost wise was similar enough to other high end handsets so didn't stretch the pocket to much.

  • Anonymous

Get 100+ mbps on 4G ,can wait a few more years for 5G.....

I have no use of 4G ..
Wifi is my friend.

  • Anonymous

5G really isn't worth going for even in the most advanced markets, early adopters will get an expensive and unreliable service, give it 18 to 24 months and it will be mainstream.

I'll have 2 new phones before I see 5G.

"TSMC has optimistic predictions of 300 million 5G phones being sold next year". We'll see!

  • MasEnha

Thats why its not worth it to buy expensive phone on this year.

  • Anonymous

why is people going crazy about this 4g or 5g stuff? it's useless, you are paying a lot of money for mobile ultra high internet but you can just transfer a few gigs of data before they decrease youor speed, also you are not allowed to transfer even 1080p videos

  • Anonymous

that's a small number... it will be much more... i think :)