iOS 13 runs on 50% of all iPhones, Apple reveals

17 October 2019
iPadOS, on the other hand, is facing some adoption issues.

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  • Anonymous

iFart, 29 Oct 2019Absolutely yes, I can. The iPhone 8 is the lowest-end phone... moreOnce you get used to the fluidity on iOS, Android can only result in buyer’s remorse

  • iFart

CmnSns, 20 Oct 2019An iPhone 8 is $599. You’re telling me you can outright pur... moreAbsolutely yes, I can. The iPhone 8 is the lowest-end phone Apple is offering, and getting a better Android phone is super easy.
Simply take the new Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is around $200, and you already have a phone that's already *much* better than the iPhone 8, for a third of the price!

You have a bigger and much better screen, without any borders, just a tiny teardrop notch at the top. iPhone 8 has humongous borders all around, particularly FAT ones on top and bottom, making it look like some stone age phone. Even the new iPhone 11 still has a big fat UGLY notch at the top, how pathetic is that?

You have more and much better cameras than the iPhone 8! You e.g. get the new 64MP Samsung Bright GW1, and you get more features, like the ability to make photos when it's dark. Forget about the iPhone 8 potato camera, especially if it's dark, and you can't make out anything anymore.

So, you get an all-round much better phone than the iPhone 8, for a third of the price!
Then you still have $400 left, which will easily buy you a decent notebook, or a tablet. Heck, you could even go and buy the new Apple iPad, which is just below $400, if you fancy that.

  • hahahaahahaha

why u all idiots talking abt iphone?
Its abt the latest OS....and it sux!

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019One of the only 3 things Apple devices do so well: the fast... morethe thing u say not correct.. previously se iPhone now use mainly android as iPhone sit at home. Almost all thing ios can do android do it better not to say screen pq is better in android. One thing is iPhone battery very bad …. one year use already depleted to 77% started not correct reading …..weak battery

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

iOS13 does not bring back our jacky!

  • CmnSns

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019Good points. But keep in mind that android users can buy a ... moreAn iPhone 8 is $599. You’re telling me you can outright purchase a decent android phone and windows/android laptop for that same amount? I love android, but this is just not the case. The hardware alone in the iPhone 8 would over power whatever 2 devices you get for android/windows.

Ps I am on Apple now, and I’ve seen the best of both worlds. I used to use the Samsung S3, S5, and S6, but then switched to the iPhone 6S... I’m sorry, but there’s not even a comparison to how much better the OS is on Apple vs Android. You can do more with an Android, but if you jailbreak any iPhone, it can then do just as much as any Android.

Also, the trade in value... you get a lot more in two years if you sell an iPhone vs selling an android or windows laptop, especially if you paid less the $599 for both the android and windows products.

I also do respect your opinion though and had a chuckle because that’s EXACTLY what I used to say to everyone that owned an Apple device 😂


  • ajphoney is a n0 n0

"with reduced functions"

  • Linda

My iphone 6S plus was automatically updated last night (it send me a message that will), after this last update, my cellphone went crazzzy, th screen was dancing, my text messages auto-corrected automatically , problem is that I was sending messages that I didn't write. Also, it started sharing my location with three persons ...weird!!!, after that, my cellphone went dark, then gray, and then some stripes, at that moment I could still receive calls, now, at night, my cellphone is gray with stripes on it, but I cant turning off, it doesn't receive messages, calls, doeskin allow me to do anything, to see something agggrrrr

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019One of the only 3 things Apple devices do so well: the fast... moreGood points. But keep in mind that android users can buy a phone and a laptop not just a phone.

  • Anonymous

One of the only 3 things Apple devices do so well: the fastest updates, the fastest raw processor speeds, and brand bragging rights. It doesn't matter if the iPhone is actually utterly backward/jurassic in developments (no 5G, no all-screen notchless display, limited camera, etc.), limited in hardware features (no dual. SIM, no headphone jack, no storage expansion) and the fact that iOS/ipadOS is inferior to Android in every other way (files management, transfer, cross platform sharing, customization, etc.). Apple owners will always love them because only Apple devices have Apple logos. So Android device owners, please put that in mind. For Apple owners, bragging rights is the TOP MOST feature and no brand gives users more bragging rights than an APPLE logo. That my android friends, is the reason why even those whose monthly salary is 1/6 the price of the latest iPhone model will still buy an iphone, albeit a 6 year old or an even older iphone model (iphone 6/6s). Never mind if its a secondhand unit or a refurbished /repossessed unit. As long as it has an iPhone logo, that's all that matters to them. So please understand. :)

  • BlackHat

I think people are still scary because of the latest iOS updates, and in general the average user rarely pays attention to the updates, the people I know click for curiosity because they think it is an application asking for more updates.

  • AnonD-794992

Marco M, 18 Oct 2019"What about software, camera, battery, endurance, build qua... moreWell said, we share the same opinions, my comment was for that fella who thinks that speed is all we need to consider.

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019iPhone is weak in every way. Accept that blind fanboy.It's funny how everybody who says good stuf about apple, even adroid users are considered fanboys LOL
Keep hating everybody while im enjoining my mate 20 and my ipad 6 :D

  • Anonymous

AnonD-794992, 18 Oct 2019And speed is the only thing that matters right? Would buy... moreiPhone is weak in every way. Accept that blind fanboy.

AnonD-794992, 18 Oct 2019And speed is the only thing that matters right? Would buy... more"What about software, camera, battery, endurance, build quality? "

Software is about preference. Some prefer a piece of software that is completely closed off, with limited to no possibility for users to customize their experience, and loads of proprietary standards built-in and/or prioritized rather than universal ones.

I prefer a more open approach to software and better user experience than what apple offers.

As far as camera goes, it's a point where iphones have been lagging behind for years now. Especially in low light. The new 11 Pro (Max) seems to have improved over last years models, but is still lagging behind its lead competitors. When the light isn't optimal, the noise is plenty and the colors fade quickly.

Not including the OP 7T Pro which I haven't seen any test of. The OP 7 Pro though is not a particularly strong contender in this field. A bit too much noise reduction.

Battery is also a department where iphones typically are far from great, but as for OnePlus the same could be said for them. This years iphone 11 pro is no exeption, and it offers weak battery performance, but the Max version is a huge step up from last years XS Max. No wonder as it only had a tiny battery. The typical small batteries in iphones lead to more charging cycles per use, which again affects the life-span of the device negatively. The 11 Pro Max is a step in the right direction.

Endurance and build quality is almost all the same on most phones today. Repairability on the other hand is yet another point where Apple's hostile take on user friendliness shines through.

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019Premium hardware? Are you kidding me? Even OnePlus can beat... moreAnd speed is the only thing that matters right?
Would buy a car that goes 300mph but without steering weel and brakes?
Same goes with the phones,
What about software, camera, battery, endurance, build quality?

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019soo , this news will made android user hate more on apple ,... moreNot android users, but blind android users who dream for flagship android and hate apple because thay cant afford it. Im android phone user and ipad for tablets. but there is no denial that ios is far more polished os and with better update support.
Apple is full of b******t and bad anti consumer poliicies but that is not reason bashing something thay are doing right.
Leave the fandroids and iships in their own ignorant world.

  • Bewildered

Essen, 17 Oct 2019Credit where it's due. For all of Apple's other faults, thi... morePhone manufacturers pay Google MORE money for each Android version,

If you sell phones you a person us less or totally unlikely to change your phone if it is scheduled for an update

Sometimes all these Android update do is incorporate a third party app

Blackberry 10 OS or QNX whilst not being developed for cell phones but in the driverless cars aka autonomous vehicles.

QNX unlike the porous Android doesn't need security patches whatsoever, so as Blackberry 10 OS has had no security patches, if it were vulnerable all Blackberry devices would have been infected already

Apple IO updates is functionally cosmetic dark mode etc

The only feature or major update not Android, not IOS is a 5G modem
The current 5G phones are 4G flagship which have a 5G modem,

There is no software or hardware updates that converts a 4G handset to 5G
The next batch of 5G will just have more megapixels faster CPU

Finally even if you hold a phone for 2 years Android or IOS won't have I can't do without this feature.

5G is a combination of user and network, all a user needs to do is to purchase a 5G handset, 5G delivery after that is network

Apple 5G iPhone is released after the 2020 5G laden Japan Olympic games

  • Anonymous

The smart users are waiting for everyone else to do d the bugs before they update to the new iPadOS

  • Anonymous

Joshy, 18 Oct 2019iPhones are not inferior, they’re top notch premium hardwar... morePremium hardware? Are you kidding me? Even OnePlus can beat iPhone in speed test. And it is cheaper.