Huawei nova 5z appears in an official image with key specs

19 October 2019
It's expected to arrive on October 21.

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  • tifeb

Last week, I found a phone case with similar style on this website. More importantly, the price is very acceptable, but I can’t decide what the material of this phone case is. Please give me some suggestions.

MasEnha, 20 Oct 2019I completely understand, but you forgot one think. Some app... moreNo one, NO ONE should use their primary card for online transactions. Use a secondary card with as much money as you currently need for the given transaction, problem solved.

The other day I was working doing the initial setup of a phone and I got impressed by how many permissions you must give Google to manage and pull information from your phone in order to use an Android phone so its like, even though Android is open source, you are hostage to Google taking all your information and if you don't agree then you don't get access to half of the apps in the market.

I would wish for Harmony OS but then it would just be Huawei taking your info instead of Google. This internet of things thing is scary.

  • MasEnha

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019y r people so worried about google apps. half the world ha... moreI completely understand, but you forgot one think. Some apps that needs security like banking and online trading/shoping pretty much unsafe to downloads from other resources. There is no guarantee and can make you broke over night.

  • Anonymous

y r people so worried about google apps.
half the world has other store

  • Anonymous

thank GOD i hope isnt with google apps i hate it
i need virgin phone to install what i just need it
thnks huawei no more google

Copy of Motorola one zoom

  • Alwis

Not attractive without many us based applications.

  • Anonymous

No thanks no more Huawei

  • Anonymous

Key spec Huawei 2019: No Google apps.

  • pajson89

Bring it to Europe

  • Randy orton

Global? or china?

These depth and macro sensor need to be gone! What a gimmick and useless features.

bad branding strategy, a lot Model look similar confusing customer, next phone is Nova 5bbc?

  • Anonymous

good for arnold backcase