Pixel 4 can't record 4K video at 60fps as Google thinks you don't need it

21 October 2019
The tweet with the explanation also makes a passing reference to how much storage 4K @ 60fps video consumes.

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thada2607, 01 Nov 2019It's closer than the competition than you think, Galaxy S10... moreThat's actually a year old device! And Google is so lazy to bring their devices too late.. S10 still got decent battery life unlike pixel 4

Kevin T, 01 Nov 2019still 3700 is nowhere near competition pixel 4 is a disasterIt's closer than the competition than you think, Galaxy S10 also housed a 2k display with only 3400mah but I don't see people complaining. The pixel this year is a disaster, yes, but my point is the 3700mAh battery for a 2k screen is not as bad as you think.

thada2607, 30 Oct 2019It's 3700 for the XL, but you were talking about the regula... morestill 3700 is nowhere near competition
pixel 4 is a disaster

Kevin T, 22 Oct 2019Pixel 4 XL has 3800 or 3700 mah battery right?It's 3700 for the XL, but you were talking about the regular version in your previous comment. And 3700 is not so bad for a 2k display, and if you want to bash them just pick the worst which is the 2800mAh battery.

  • Anonymous

Gooogle you decide not to put that feature,
We decide to jump to another ship,
its not our lost, its your's.

  • Dyl2347

They're also going to allow for HDR video recording but 60fps is too demanding on storage. HDR is going to nearly add just as much file size and processing to the 855 as 60fps would. This definitely is a hardware issue, they probably couldn't put in the 855+ and they decided to limit to 64 and 128 storage, when most companies are at 256 or 512GB on phones now. On top of that they now removed the full resolution Google Drive storage.

  • dy2347

Just embarrassing at this point. The iPhone's have 4k 60 and 1080p 120 on the selfie camera now even.

  • Anonymous

Aladin, 23 Oct 2019I do not see missing 4K 60fps as big issue. None of phones ... moreThe presence of 4K in-phone stabilization is NOT a major issue because phone gimbals are widely available. You can get very good ones below $75 and they stabilize SO MUCH BETTER than built in-phone stabilization. The lack of storage options (256GB or higher or a micro sd slot) and limited battery life and limited recording options (no 4K 60fps) are more serious issues.

  • cesi

Peoples should not bother to buy phone that are at 64 gig default, this is an insult, the price of memory rom/ram, is at it's lowest for years, not only that ! 256 gig should be the standard then 512go upgraded price.

they're not even giving the 128 go to all the stores. Motion sense is basics and limited.
It could be the best feature on the phone and yet it's totally limited in term of use.

well let's wait for Pixel 7. it does not seem, you can dev functions for motion sense either.

Aladin, 23 Oct 2019I do not see missing 4K 60fps as big issue. None of phones ... moreMissing 4k60 is not major issue. The issue is if manufacturer decided to limit the function just simply because they feel that user do not need it when the hardware is capable of it.

If the hardware doesn't support it, nobody will say anything. Even without EIS, the option might still be useful in some cases, at least I get the option to decide. What they doing is like Apple, limiting the functions given to the users. It is worst when the device is expensive as well.

I do not see missing 4K 60fps as big issue. None of phones besides iPhone 11 can stabilize it anyway.

Nate, 23 Oct 2019What is wrong with you?!?Nothing wrong with me, just stating the harsh but true fact.

  • Anonymous

Is being able to shoot 4k at 60fps hardware or software related?

Google becomes ass greedy as apple past years.
They have interests only in money and how to earn them not in customers satisfaction.

  • AnonD-784107

Makes me laugh all that for a phone and 4k60fps. Some cheaper can do this. Why not a Google flagship. Glad my S10 does 4k60fps.

  • Nate

YUKI93, 23 Oct 2019Oh please, only a tiny minority of people would use 4K/60fp... moreWhat is wrong with you?!?

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 22 Oct 2019Only millennials would look at "old" footage and think they... more1080p does look poor compared to 4K. I wouldn't record footage on anything less than 4K resolution for important personal videos in today's times given that most phones nowadays, even cheap midrange ones, are equipped with 4K 60fps recordings and micro sd slots.

Regarding film making, you are seriously wrong in assuming Hollywood film makers record in 1080p. No, all film video footage gets recorded in AT LEAST 4K resolution. 1080p or 480p resolution at 30fps or 24fps frame rates is simulated in movie making in certain scenes if the intention is to depict an olden time, era, or some dated scenario necessary for artistic and/or realistic portrayal of a scene or an event. Thus, there is absolutely ZERO reason why a phone as EXPENSIVE as Pixel 4 XL offers only 4K 30fps and the worst of it all, is you don't get micro sd storage expansion and internal storage is only up to 128GB! That way, you'll opt for cloud services, wasting data. Adding insult to injury, you don't get unlimited free cloud storage and 4K videos and high resolution photos get heavily compressed resulting in vastly lower quality compared to the original footage. Greed, greed, greed and more greed. That's Google's motto.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019Stop making excuses for lack of features provided by Google... moreOh please, only a tiny minority of people would use 4K/60fps even if Google do give support for one.

YUKI93, 22 Oct 2019Only millennials would look at "old" footage and think they... moreThen tell me why are professional even shooting at 6k or 8k when 99.9% of the people or even cinema doesn't display that resolution? You dont use or have it, doesn't mean others are the same.

By your logic, those videomaker are no videomaker! so we are watching movies make by a person with a camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019I have 4K video supporting smartphones since 2015 and I nev... moreI pity your lack of foresight. Large 4K tv's are becoming ultra cheap. Same with 4K monitors. And both are already mainstream/standard in 50" tv's and bigger rather than niche compared to 5 years ago.

EVEN IF you can't afford 4K tv's or 4K monitors yet, recording an important celebration, event or milestone in 4K today is a no brainer! If your phone has 4K, you MUST ABSOLUTELY record those important/memorable events in 4K! You probably haven't seen just how vastly marvelous, superior and jaw dropping 4K resolution is compared to archaic full HD 1080p resolution which is only 1/4 the resolution of 4K. You'll be all regrets once you buy a new 50" or bigger tv because as it is, ALL 50" and bigger screen tv's are now sold exclusively in 4K resolutions and are becoming ULTRA CHEAP, you can buy one for LESS THAN the price of the PIXEL 4XL!

And no, you can't turn back time and wish you could have recorded again your travels or video opportunity with famous celebrities, or your baby's first steps and first words in glorious 4K when you had the chance! REGRETS! REGRETS! all because that STUPID Pixel 4 XL phone of yours only has maximum of 128GB internal storage with NO provision for micro sd expansion. Uploading to the cloud compresses 4K footage rendering them so much lower in quality to the original 4K video you captured.

ADVICE for mobile phone/tablet users who own phones/tablets capable of recording in 4K:
1. Record ALL VIDEOS in 4K whenever you can, and
2. ALWAYS record ALL videos in landscape!
You'll never know when your next monitor or tv will be in 4K and by then you'll realize you didn't waste storage space for nothing. Currently, you may feel like wasting storage space because you only view them on your phone and never for once thought, you may actually be viewing them, reliving those moments in a big screen 4K tv or 4K computer monitor.