Pixel 4 can't record 4K video at 60fps as Google thinks you don't need it

21 October 2019
The tweet with the explanation also makes a passing reference to how much storage 4K @ 60fps video consumes.

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I have 128GB storage, but still use 1080p 30fps and HVEC. I don't really own any 4k display, so there's no need to waste space, not even for 4k30fps.

  • Hamza

Shadow Snypa786, 21 Oct 2019"They need to make up their mind" Have you read the comments?... moreThese people bashing pixels are in 1% go to the communities where people and reviewers alike are praising pixel for the half assed specs and agree that they don't need such things

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019Plz stop promoting lies. 4k 60fps works just fine without frame ... morethe problem isn't just the processor, it's the storage speed. I would rather have proper 4k/30 with hdr than a floaty 40-60 variable frame rate with no proper HDR nor a 4k/60 but not real because it is just from interpolation.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019Plz stop promoting lies. 4k 60fps works just fine without frame ... moreYou obviously have not used it extensively.

  • what?

you know what's funny? even without 4k/60 they manage tie with the highest video score in DxO Mark...
And their computational video software will only get better.

  • Alex

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019What’s that? Our $900 phone is not capable of doing something? ... moreYeah google also decided that they don’t need our money as well, that way not just google but also other brands will just lose, prices are already rocket high and we expect more for our money if you selling devices like this the price should be much lower not more than 500£

Odd-numbered Pixels, get the smaller model.
Even-numbered Pixels, get the XL model.

2 XL (cool panda color)
4 XL (better battery life)

Stock android is pretty overrated in today context. We have the hardware to run most OS smoothly except for the worst optimised OS. Especially when it comes to flagship devices.

Kingslayer, 22 Oct 2019Some people make it seem the Pixel 4 and 4 XL are terrible. They... moreKing please stop

Every year the Google pixel is launched with so many bugs in the software it's not even funny

Phones like essential get more update lifespan too

This stock android worshipping needs to stop

  • Anonymous

google being google.

  • diludill

I don't need pixel either.

HA! So now Google is acting like Apple - deciding for the consumers instead of giving options.... Soon Google is going to build a wall like Apple is doing with their iOS.

  • g6 user

hkchew03, 22 Oct 2019I think you missed out the point whereby this or most phone is m... moreyou are completely right I agree

  • Anonymous

What’s that? Our $900 phone is not capable of doing something? Not our problem though, we just “think” you don’t need it

g6 user, 21 Oct 2019as a matter of fact many people have 1080p screens...... a few ... moreI think you missed out the point whereby this or most phone is meant to last you 2 years, or maybe more in some cases. Google could have easily put in those feature and allow the consumer to choose rather than limit everything. I may not have 4k TV now, but can't say I will not have 1 year down the road or in the near future. This is like asking filmmaker not to shoot using the highest specification as current cinema doesn't even support it.

For the price they charging, it doesn't justify limiting the hardware capabilities through software. As for SD card speed, you may be right that most people aren't using a fast enough card for 4k recording. Simple workaround is to record on internal storage, and then transfer over to the SD card, easily done manually or implemented automatically via software. Ain't android all about features? or is Google going backward like iOS by limiting the user choice?

I really want to understand how after a successful Pixel 3, Google create a failure.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019Pixel is nowhere close to top of the line Android Flagship. That may be true, but the pricing say otherwise. Really bad move by Google

Sorry Google. All manufacturers try to give as much as possible while you go the other way round. HIGH price, low storage, no more unlimited cloud storage, no ultrawide, now you even limit the video capabilities even when the hardware easily support it. For the first time, i find a pixel is way overpriced, even more so than Apple

The Pixel 4 is a huge mess. I'd rather buy an iPhone 11 or Chinese phones than Google's junk.

Woah, Google, what are you THINKING?!????
Why add 64GB as base storage anyways then?
Why limit options for your customers anyways?
Just buy any other Android flagship, or even an iPhone!
Pixel 4 is complete trash.