Pixel 4 can't record 4K video at 60fps as Google thinks you don't need it

21 October 2019
The tweet with the explanation also makes a passing reference to how much storage 4K @ 60fps video consumes.

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  • Anonymous

The Pixel 3a never had unlimited original quality photo uploads to Google Photos. They have been "high quality" from the very beginning, which is the same as any other phones out there that can download the Google Photos app.

  • Hamza

When Huawei phones couldn't do 4k 60
People raved about how they are behind and now when pixel is still stuck at 4k 30 it doesn't matter much for fans now
They need to make up their mind

You know, Google, I don't need a $800 flagship phone either, but I sure as hell want one. That's the point, flagship phones are not made for people's needs, they're made for people's wants, even if the thing they want is completely and absolutely useless. Flagship phones are a kind of luxury after all

  • Anonymous

And they think same about battery capacity, fingerprint sensor, storage. They think they are Apple of Android world.
What a shame.

Yes,Google you're so right..
So are the customers..they think Pixel should cost 400euros,instead 800...in Europe

What a horrible, close-minded statement which might as well not been tweeted. I guess Google thinks that headphone jacks, bigger batteries, more RAM and ROM, ultrawide camera sensors, fingerprint sensors are also not needed. This is just a poor excuse of not providing a good feature when the rest of the competition has it. iPhone 8 and S8 (with mod) had 4K60FPS support and those were released two years ago...

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019Just wait for a bit and we will see a floury of youtubers a... moreWhat do you expect, those youtubers makes their living off YouTube videos, they can't risk Google demonetizing their videos for some inexplicable reason. I would not risk it either.

Google also thinks we don't need more RAM than 4GB on a flagship android phone, also a wide angle camera, also a good display panel, also a fingerprint reader to at least sleep without being stressed, that our partenrs try to open our phones when we sleep, also 2700mAh battery is enough we don't need more, also a headphone jack we don't need that either, also a reasonable price, also more storage than 128gb.
Google thinks and decides way too much for us. Do you guys consider something here?
Google trys to take over our choices, start using google less, cause you decide what is good for you and what you need most.

  • Love the Community

Granted, I would not use it but I'd be glad to have it as an option. I need features like these to inflate my ego and clout.

Thanks mom, er Google. But I'm not a kid anymore and can do decisions on my own

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019Just wait for a bit and we will see a floury of youtubers a... moreVery true!

That's true

  • Anonymous

isn't it obvious that google is follow the suit of apple. Delay the innovation by 1 or 2 years so that prices of components becomes cheaper and then manufacture the phone and sell it at a high price. Great for the company, rubbish for the customers.

  • Anonymous

Totally agree with that statement. NEVER use above 1080p...no reason to take up that much space for family videos. Now, I DO NOT AGREE with the lack of wide-angle lens :( :( :( I never use zoom on a phone.

  • Anonymous

I don't need a Pixel neither

  • Anonymous

Just wait for a bit and we will see a floury of youtubers agreeing with Google and giving the pixel 4 high marks and praise.
Just watch.

Kevin T, 21 Oct 2019pixel 4 utter fail of a mobile no fingerprint sensor phon... more*2800 mAh

  • Fadli

Google thinks we all don't need 60fps. Then the only thing we need is refund. Duh...

  • Anonymous

You don't need 60fps > Try 24p for better cinema style

  • AnonD-706668

If they are concern about storage then why they don’t support expandable memory cards ?