Pixel 4 can't record 4K video at 60fps as Google thinks you don't need it

21 October 2019
The tweet with the explanation also makes a passing reference to how much storage 4K @ 60fps video consumes.

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pixel 4 utter fail of a mobile
no fingerprint sensor
phone unlocks with eyes closed
too many bugs
only 3800mah battery for a quad hd screen
6 gb ram

I'm known as LA Clippers on YouTube. I posted several truths about Android 10 and my thoughts on the Pixel 4 as a whole. It isn't an upgrade at all. The 4 lost several useful features the 3 had. Add the fact Android 10 isn't all that or the 4 has worse battery life than the 3 did! And that is the one aspect I hate about my Pixel 3 that I prefer using my older Essential Phone over it.

What does the P4 really offer? I see only the Smooth Display being its only compelling new feature and it doesn't help that Google decided to pack a smaller battery on the smaller 4. Not everyone wants a face unlock. And Motion Sense is a gimmick better used for other devices that isn't a smartphone. The Pixel 4 is going to be a failure. I don't even like iOS but I would recommend an iPhone 11 over it.

  • Galaxy S10 User.

I agree . But I prefer 4k 24fps instead of 30.

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  • Poc f1 user here

.... and we guyz dont need this google phone

The hits keep on coming... SMH. Even my boy, Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile) doesn't recommend it...


  • AnonD-847158

It's better to have it rather than need it.

a simple dude, 21 Oct 2019Even 2017 iPhone 8+ can record in 4K at 60fps...You guys dont need wide angle camera, 4k 60 fps and many other fratures for 1000$ in 2019.

Even 2017 iPhone 8+ can record in 4K at 60fps...