Meizu 16T debuts with 6.5-inch OLED, Snapdragon 855 and 4,500 mAh battery

23 October 2019
Also, no notches or cutouts and an impressive price.

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Does this come phone with notification LED light and is it RGB/white only? Does the LED light work for app notifications or only for charging indicator?

Does this phone have Always on Display with proper support from third party apps like Telegram, Instagram etc?

  • NoOne

Jojo, 24 Oct 2019Holy crap look at those fat azz bezels. What is this 2012 again?Are you from planet Pandora?

  • Anonymous

I'm starting to see a trend.
Whenever you see a phone offering a lot more than normal for the price, they all have NO NFC.

Apparently NFC is expensive to add-on...

  • Anonymous

Not touching Meizu with a 20-foot pole.

They need to learn how to support and update their os first.

Now this is what you call a nice looking screen design, perfectly optimized with minimal bezels. I think this is the best front look and other brands should implement this. I noticed a similar and maybe even better setup in the teased Meizu 17... Nice!
I know some unpleasable people would still cry that it has a thick bezel lol, my advice? stick to your horrible notches and fancy pop ups.
Not really impressed with the rear design though, looks a bit cheap and unsophisticated [chinese] IMO, should have gone or a centralized setup.
The Specs are just ok, at least considering the price.
Aside from the lack of OIS, i think i´m loving the Camera setup. Oh, thank God! No 48/64 MP Camera Gimmick and Telephoto or Periscopic lens which is mostly just pretty much just a decoration or sales gimmick and unimpressive except in really pricey Flagship brands.
Aside this, although i noticed a few extras they could have added, i have little/no complains.

  • Anonymous

Jojo, 24 Oct 2019Holy crap look at those fat azz bezels. What is this 2012 again?Go and play with your ghost touch pbone

  • Jojo

Holy crap look at those fat azz bezels. What is this 2012 again?

  • Anonymous

They have removed the OIS in this model so even having the jack, not for me. Other 16 models have optical stabilization. Sadly this one NO!

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2019sounds like you forgot how Google attracted more users thro... moreHow about talking the era of dinosaur? You talk about something that has already passed sooo long. We talk about nowadays. Can u explain which phone today which have good aftersale and support but with cheaper price?

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2019Features means crap to me if the BASE + security patch leve... moreKid? I know the diff between UI and OS but I rather use advertisement speak because it's easy and intuitive than technical realities.

No one says Flyme UI because it's Flyme OS. Let Chinese call UI an OS.

  • 123

So was 16s pro announced 450$ and it was 570$ cheapest yo u can get
Same will go here. It will be 100$ above announced price
I dont get it !! Just PR ....

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 23 Oct 2019Where is Kangal? I want him to show these naysayers that Fl... moreFeatures means crap to me if the BASE + security patch level is gonna be stuck on day 0's version for what like 1-2 years after purchase? Sure they're gonna update UI from time to time but not the OS base.

Learn the diff between a UI and an OS kid. Any 3rd rate modder out there can reskin Windows 7 sure but no way in hell they'd call that Windows 10.....

  • Anonymous

Gusta, 24 Oct 2019So if u wanna good aftersale and good software update, just... moresounds like you forgot how Google attracted more users through cheap Nexus phones a few years ago..

  • markobarko

I think, we are reacing managable maximum with the size. Bigger will be fold or extract...

  • Essen

Super implementation of bezels. This all that's needed instead of cutouts, punchouts, notches and under-display/hidden cameras. But I am sure this will still have some people and reviewers complaining about the thickness of the bezels.

  • Gusta

DrakeX, 23 Oct 2019Wow, that's a massive undercut considering Meizu flagships ... moreWhile the most visible compare to 16s Pro is the downgrade of camera. Inferior sensor, lower resolution back and front, lack of telephoto camera, no OIS on the main camera. The LED flash is only dual. Using SD855 instead of SD855+. No 160 Hz Touch Sensing and DCI-P3 on its display. The GPS is single band. Slower charging process.

  • Gusta

007roh, 23 Oct 2019This phone has everything I want in a phone; stereo speaker... moreSo if u wanna good aftersale and good software update, just buy bigger brand! Money talks everything. You can't get so perfect mobile phone with cheap price. There will be cons.

Also, why won't GSM Arena give some of these lesser known smaller brands a bit more love in the form of the kind of reviews we see for iPhones and Samsungs and Xiaomi's?

They could use the exposure and they would make for more interesting reading for us I think.

Mix it up a bit please.

I've had a soft spot for Meizu phones ever since my M2 Note from 2015. I loved that phone even if the camera wasn't anything special.

It was really cheap at the time and there weren't many competitors in the low end back then.

Had a great Igzo screen and I liked the Flyme skin. It was also truly innovative.

I hear that they are running into problems competing against their bigger competitors in China today and laying off staff, and that is a shame. I'd almost buy one just to keep the company afloat and keep the innovations flowing if I hadn't upgraded last year to a Pocophone that I am still using now.

Hang in their Meizu. Keep innovating when everyone else is playing it safe.

The jack is back? Meizu u OK? make up ur mind xD