Moto G8 Plus and E6 Play go official as Moto One Macro goes global

24 October 2019
The Moto family keeps growing.

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Motorola used to lead the VFM segment when they first launched their G series phones. I used to recommend them often to friends and family and so many are happy Motorola users.

Even now for non power users they make good reliable phones. Stock android means even 2 year old phones are pretty smooth for most tasks except games. However with Samsung actually beating Motorola in the value segment I am finding it much harder to recommend them over Samsung anymore.

Man they really need to improve their E line.

  • Anonymous

At the end, they removed premium features like OIS and still with back fingerprint sensor, old SoC... and the same gerenic design asking a premium price. So is expected to be ignored at the shops against competitors around them at the same price.

MicroUSB in 2020 ? do you want to punish us for the low price?

This doesn't need:
- Ingress Protection
- Multiple cameras
- 1440p resolution
- QSD 855
- +6GB RAM
- +128GB Storage
- USB 3.0 port
- +27W Fast Charging
- Underscreen fingerprint scanner
- Full-featured SkinnedOS firmware

As long as they cover the basics, a Snapdragon 636 (or 665) with 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, 1080p screen and AndroidOne will cover 90% of use cases. Especially if this eventually hits the same price as the Moto G7 Plus at ~$220.

PS: I can't find much official information yet on this. Not sure if they included IrDa blaster, if they're using a Plastic side-frame instead of Aluminium, Regular Glass instead of Tempered/Gorilla Glass, or if omitted the NFC chip for payments, home key, accessories. If true, that's disappointing. Because the changes this has for the Battery Life, Selfie Camera, and Rear Main Camera are definitely great improvements.

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samsung killer

  • Herm

No NFC bullshit

Lovely when brand loyalty makes people offend each other. So silly. They only want your money, independently of your nacionality lol.
Anyway, just like past Moto phones lately, these arent worth my hard earned dough when compared to other phones that are already available globally.

007roh, 24 Oct 2019No OIS No 27W charging No Gorilla glass No metal frame ... moreAdd to that they use an outdated processor. I was looking forward to this device. The Moto G7+ had great camera performance and I've been itching to try a phone with Android one for a while. The battery was bad but then the 27W charger was excellent.

Instead of improving they give a step backwards.

No 27W charging
No Gorilla glass
No metal frame

I don't get it why is this phone even called G8 Plus when its clearly a downgrade over G7 Plus save for battery, it should be called G8 Play by all means.

  • Anonymous

Why not Android 10?

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Taking into the account the time when the last G7 Plus was released and this G8 Plus... This is even a downgrade for what it predecessor was.

Not worth eve consider it. Bye bye OIS and again old SoC. Lenovorola again.

GSMArena why do your specs pages for the G8 Plus and One Macro say they have IR blasters when neither of them do?

C4Etech has reviewed both of them and you can see they don't

  • AnonD-765530

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2019Overpriced MOTO if it would have launched at the price poin... morewhattttttttt?

  • Anonymous

Overpriced MOTO if it would have launched at the price point of 10999 then it would have been a good buy