Samsung Galaxy Note ICS update pushed back to Q2

15 March, 2012
It's only been confirmed by Samsung Norway so far, so it might only affect certain regions.

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  • cjd

my previous phone was a captivate and had a defective GPS. my current phone is the GSII LTE and has a blotchy screen on the dimmest setting. Samsung's customer support had no idea what i was talking about when i told them about these issues. samsung's customer support didnt know what firmware was when i told them my phone wouldnt turn on after updating from 2.2 to 2.3 with kies. samsung delays updates...

guess who wont be buying another samsung product? i know that individually i dont matter, but i know im not the only one thats tired of constant issues and awful support from them.

  • Sagun

It's really bad news:: been waiting for so long:::Seems like I have to move back to HTC

  • kyrirhcp

Typical. The lesson I have learnt from having purchased a HTC Flyer which I eventually sold to buy the Note is never EVER buy a product which has been advertised to receive future updates soon. If it didn't come pre-installed, you can bet your asp you won't see the update until you have already started looking elsewhere.

  • mjarena9

samsung is playing with customers,

  • A-H-A

i will sell my Galaxy Note and get the new Sony Xperia s if this is really true.... really shame on Samsung !!!!!!!

  • Kerioka

...Patience has always paid something better the rushy quicky..I wait with my Galaxy note till the time..

  • AnonD-27839

WTF samsung...whats going on...only bad to worse news from samsung.... WTF..WTF..WTF..WTF..WTF..WTF..WTF..WTF.

  • Anonymous

ha ha ha ha... that's how they treat their premium customers? And when they push the update out, it'll be as crappy as the one on GS2, full of TouchWiz shit.

  • uwift

damn thing :(

  • mihai

they just try to compete with htc updates...but again samsung is very dissapointing for software customer service

  • Anonymous

Q2 means end of June, don't lie to yourself, when they said Q1 see now they have S2 update, right! You better wish this news is not offical...

  • Alee

Its frustrating!

  • Dude

Well its probably good cause they optimise it now to be better!

  • BedShaker

Hope it's worth the wait..

  • Mike

Q2 can mean April (next month) which is what Samsung said already (S2 = March and Note = April) or any time until June...

  • kova

expected :(

  • Anonymous