Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro will have five cameras, arriving on November 5

28 October 2019
The main shooter will be 108 MP, Xiaomi also promises 5X optical zoom.

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  • Vishnu Gupta

Launch date and price

  • Anonymous

What is the Price

  • Suresh

Launched day price ...I want this product ....

  • R.k Arora

Price of Xiaomi mi cc9

  • Mani


  • Shankar

Mannu Baby, 02 Nov 2019I am waiting for it ..plzz launch soon....I'm also waiting for it...plz lunch soon

  • Sunny

I am very exited to get phone in hand but i was thinking price is low yo price is high pls tell me i thanks to making 50 x zoom 108 mp cam nd front 32 mp with ai cam i am loving it

  • Mannu Baby

I am waiting for it ..plzz launch soon....

  • Sudip

So nice

  • Abhishek rajak


  • Anonymous


  • Mahee

Excellent phone future's. I want to this phone. I am waiting

  • Anonymous

Super phone

  • Mizanur Rahman

I'm Waiting. Xiaomi MI CC9 Pro

  • AnonD-794992

Marco M, 29 Oct 2019You're the one who is seeing things that aren't there. Then... moreOooooo now i see it?
Now i see why you dont want to accept the facts after reading your 99% xiaomi comments LOL
Anyway. Dont drink and type.

Marco M, 29 Oct 2019This CC9 Pro will likely not cross the $1000 mark, and the ... moreI mean the one K20 encrusted with diamonds and gold.

CptPower, 28 Oct 2019Nowdays is everything costly. Until i did not seen alpha by... moreThis CC9 Pro will likely not cross the $1000 mark, and the K20 Pro is available for significantly less than half of $1000.

The Mix Alpha is a low volume concept phone made available to those especially interested.

AnonD-794992, 29 Oct 2019Wooow. Are you high on something? Your frustrations are ... moreYou're the one who is seeing things that aren't there. Then you ask me if I'm high. Time for you to sober up maybe?

Is this China version on Mi Note 10?

  • AnonD-794992

Marco M, 28 Oct 2019Yeah, because they both have more than 2x zoom? Or cameras ... moreI dont give a s**t about design patterns, but hey, the huawei camera designs are so overused by other OEM's.
The only one who need glasses is fella like you.