Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro shines on TENAA, will arrive as Mi Note 10 outside China

29 October 2019
The phone will have a huge battery - at least 5,170 mAh - without having an extra bulky body.

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  • 06 Nov 2019

Sooo, why not mentioning on each step that 108MP is just a marketing blabber and actual picture resolution is in a more regular area? You a site for consumers or a publicity outlet for manufacturers?

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    • 31 Oct 2019

    leledumbo, 30 Oct 2019Nope, that one can't process 108MP as well: https://www.me... moreDoesn't need to, the output of a quad-bayer 108MP is effectively just 27MP.

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      • 30 Oct 2019

      If the CC9 Pro will be the Note 10 than what really is the Note 10 Pro?

        gringo80, 30 Oct 2019it's helio G90T again like RN8 pro !Nope, that one can't process 108MP as well:

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          • 30 Oct 2019

          great news but confusing imho. will there be two variants? a Mi Note 10 and a Mi Note 10 Pro? or the Pro reffers only to the China version?

            IpsDisplay, 30 Oct 2019But the company succeeded with the mi note 3 being a premiu... moreThe AMOLED display and flagship grade camera setup points to the Mi Note going back to flagship status. No guarantee of course.

            They already have Redmi Note series in lower price bracket. Redmi Note 7 had same chipset as Mi Note 3, and the Redmi Note 8 is more powerful. Next step up is SD845 and so on.

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              • 30 Oct 2019

              Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019Damn, I'm really disappointed by hearing this... I thought ... moreSo stupid that they released K20 Pro Premium (weird long name) and Mi 9 Pro (larger battery but thicker) to have latest SoC (SD855+) but missing on this Note 10 and missing mass production of MIX line (only few people that can buy MIX Alpha).

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                • 30 Oct 2019

                Oberoth, 29 Oct 2019Can the Snapdragon 730G even process a 108mp sensor? Surely... moreit's helio G90T again like RN8 pro !

                  Marco M, 29 Oct 2019Mi Note and Mi Note 2 both ran flagship chipsets. Mi Note 2... moreBut the company succeeded with the mi note 3 being a premium midranger , so if the company ignore 2 generations of flag ship SOC, I'd think the expectation would be from the last generation...

                    So heavy phone !!! 5X is it really usefull?

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                      • 29 Oct 2019

                      Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019My dream phone comes true. I hope that the price is not too... moreI heard rumours that it’s going to come with an RS232 port...

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                        • 29 Oct 2019

                        Damn, I'm really disappointed by hearing this... I thought that Ni Note 10 is going to swallow Mi 9 in every aspect, Just like the way Galaxy Note series do to Galaxy S series.
                        But... it's a mid-range phone with a likely good camera.
                        I'm looking forward to Mi 10. Hope that Xiaomi makes it a REAL flagship, unlike Mi 9.

                          Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019That’s subjectiveLol, of course it is subjective - so what?

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                            • 29 Oct 2019

                            Can the Snapdragon 730G even process a 108mp sensor? Surely this will be either 855+ or 865 phone as it's clearly a flagship.

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                              • 29 Oct 2019

                              Nicolas F, 29 Oct 2019Curved display - hell no. It is unnecessary, it distorts co... moreThat’s subjective

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                                • 29 Oct 2019

                                IpsDisplay, 29 Oct 2019Now that 5000mah battery size is actually big 4000mah is no... more5 cameras are
                                108MP Main camera
                                5x telephoto camera
                                Ultra Wide angle camera
                                Macro camera
                                Depth sensor

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                                  • 29 Oct 2019

                                  KVS1617, 29 Oct 2019it Should be 855+It's likely a snapdragon 865

                                    We are waiting the mi CC9 pro coming india

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                                      • 29 Oct 2019

                                      I bought the k20pro and thought that would do me for a couple of years. Then realme x2 came along and I thought that was the almost perfect all round performer so I bought that intending to replace k20pro as my main day to day phone. Now comes this! I am going to get it!
                                      It is never ending isn't it?
                                      It is not CPU that one wants upgrade. It has been over power for a long time. SD730 or even MT G90 is enough for me. It is the camera department that can make he most practical advancement in smart phones.
                                      I do not think the starting price will be more than 2500cny as it is sd730. Unless it has sd expansion, which is unlikely, one has to fork out for the 128gb for the very least to leave room for the massive picture files.

                                        How about Mi note 10 pro with Snapdragon 855+(maybe could be let's say mi CC9 pro plus inside China), will be also unveiled?