NVIDIA launches the GTX 1660 SUPER, available today starting $229

29 October 2019
Also announces GTX 1650 SUPER, which will be releasing on November 22.

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HDMI 2.1?

So far so good.
But as a new prodict even a midranger class it will be pricey more than a last year flagship model.

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chmod xxx, 30 Oct 2019Typical AMDrone. All talk but no evidence or hard data. Look... moreYes. Different GPUs perform differently in different game engines...
5700x is faster in most games compared to 2060 super and 2060 super is faster mostly in games that use same game engine as outer worlds... the the previous writer was right in what he did say.
Even Radeon7 is faster is some spesific games... is it faster In general... no... Don`t cherry pick one game and make assumtions based on that. Use 50 different games using diffferent game engines and we Are talking same language!

the super's performance is very close to the Ti, that the Ti is a bad purchase atm.
since nvidia released the super, nvidia has a gap now in the $300 price range has nothing i guess new Ti super is in preparation, also AMD has something coming soon.
gpu market is so f'd up, 2019 almost ended and i didn't buy gpu yet, better luck next year then

  • Dale

Hardware Unboxed subscriber, anyone?

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chmod xxx, 30 Oct 2019Typical AMDrone. All talk but no evidence or hard data. Look... moreIt's just the outer world (which is 3fps less, not much of a difference). The GPU performance always depends upon the developers, I mean which brand game developer favors and their game engine and also optimization. So, on average of many games, 5700 XT is better than RTX 2060 Super at the same price. If

[deleted post]Typical AMDrone. All talk but no evidence or hard data.

Look at 5700XT and Turdeon VII getting slaughtered by 2060S:


[deleted post]Nice to see a well made argument.

Navi only competes will Turing because it has node advantage. Ampere will shrink to 7nm and be a new arch, that's easily 40-60% increase when you look at previous generation.

Call me a fanboy but it's a fact Ampere will slaughter.

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Hopefully AMD can release something to compete with top range cards and bring prices down.

WIll GTX 1650 Super will come in laptops too? This card seems better price to performance ratio and it has GDDR6 memory as laptops with regular 1650 has GDDR5 memory.

I wonder if AMD would release their updated version of their current dedicated GPU card. I've seen new gen AMD performing better than Nvidia in high setting gaming.

Is this compatible with Win7?

  • Tim

Nvidia market trollong just like samsung used to do

[deleted post]To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with AMD.

The RX 5700 was beating the RTX 2060-S and the RTX 5700 XT was beating the RTX 2070-S upon launch. This was at smaller prices too, it was really promising. Now that updates have been pushed with better drivers for both AMD and Nvidia things have changed.

The RTX 2060-S is performing better at slightly less battery drain than the RX 5700. While the RTX 2070-S is performing better at slightly less battery drain than the RX 5700 XT. And both Nvidia cards are accomplishing this with RTX Features and on a less efficient 12nm node. The price difference between the two companies seems to be (more) negligent now, well depending on your country.

The new GTX 1660-S seems to be priced about equal to the GTX 1660, but its performing about equal to the GTX 1660Ti. That's a win in my books. It's putting pressure in the market against the price-cut RX 590, which is practically obsolete. The RX 580 is also great value, but practically obsolete. The biggest reason to get an AMD card seems to be for Hackintosh compatibility, since performance and prices are pretty on-par.

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them misleading charts lol

Ampere will absolutely slaughter the shat Big Navi next year. New arch and a node shrink while all Turdeon will have is bigger die, unlikely anything beyond 56 or 64 CUs making it barely competitive with by then the last year's 2080, let alone 2080 Ti or 2080.

AMDrones will just tell you to "wait for RDNA2" and then "wait for [next arch] ad infinitum.

Hey! I got that same graphics card model, but is an GTX 1660ti instead.

"Not having RTX is stupid" well well well

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Very nice price