Carrier listing confirms the Honor V30, Magic 3 and Huawei nova 6 Pro 5G versions

01 November 2019
A live image of the Honor V30 is in toll.

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  • Muhammad Bilal Zahid

Baykko, 01 Nov 2019Punch holes have no advantages whatsoever. they end up taki... moreBut if it was from Samsung, everyone would have accepted it.

  • Anonymous

Waterdrop notch > punch hole

  • Anonymous

Looks like s10 fake
That's what people gonna say

A bezel much better than a pill it wastes even more

Punch holes have no advantages whatsoever. they end up taking a bigger portion of the screen than a notch even if they hold the same technology (cameras and sensors). I don't see any advantages from using a punch hole over a notch other than creating some identity for your device and even then that ended the moment Samsung released the S10 lineup, now every punch hole phone looks like a copy of those.