Motorola Razr 2019 spotted in the wild

02 November 2019
Inching closer to launch?

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That bezel would be perfect fit for 108mp camera or whole multi-fov set up. Would be more close to mateX, now its just design toy. Still, great to see.

CptPower, 02 Nov 2019Well the personj using this phone on pic wear a thick 18k g... moreHow can you tell karat based on picture? :)
I'm pretty sure you don't need to be rich person to have a golden bracelet.

Baby Zoomers: It's too ugly! Look at that chin! It has Thanos' chin!

Baby Zoomers were like 4 or 5 when RAZRs were popular.

No thanks... I'll pass

Wouldn't it be great if it's a rollable phone

just one question, what the point of this phone existence if it will cost a fortune and a half ?

  • Anonymous

Is this the first foldable remote control?

I don't see a crease so looks like a win.

  • Anonymous

That's a long phone unfolded (or perhaps the hand is small)

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

That looks sweet, I only have one question... Can it Fortnite? :>

Well the personj using this phone on pic wear a thick 18k gold plated chain.
Which means it was either some of Ceo of Motorola or one of the richest phone testers i ever seen.

Seeing it live, I just got a thought. Would that bulky chin cause an itch to the underside of thumbs? Or accidental touch of the fingerprint sensor? considering its a pretty tall phone and we'd probably not use it as original razrs.

  • EM

A folding screen that has no crease. Obviously this photo is fake!

  • 3_nity