Microsoft launches a new app combining all Office tools in one place for Android

02 November 2019
All your Office documents in one place.

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  • Chauhan

It's already available not on playstore but on Apkmirror and other Apk sites.

The link to Google Play Store you have provided doesn't work

I've already been using Polaris Office and WPS office on Android for years now.

  • Anonymous

As usual supporting the opposition Microsoft is a joke.

  • Anonymous

Is this same as the office app bundled on Samsung phones?

  • Akhil Alsa

Actually WPS office is the best app for both Android and Windows OS for the office has all the PDF EXCEL POWERPOINT AND WORD in a single app......i bet you won't come back to MS OFFICE again once you use that app

  • Anonymous

So, WPS are kicking their bottom?!

  • Anonymous

Let me guess, you are attached to the internet and your official secret and commercially sensitive documents can be stored or served through somebody else's server, after it passes all the hackware, and before somebody else might look at it?

NotAnOpinion, 03 Nov 2019Let it begin. MS and Google's collaboration in the Android ... moreActually it sucks. But yeah, i get it. There are businessmen in Microsoft. Bring back Windows Phone. Revive MeeGo or Symbian. Do SOMETHING that we don't need to live in the world where your only options are only bad and worse for mobile OS-s.

So... that's the same app that was available before Office apps were split up on Android? Gotta love companies saying yes, then no, then yes again.

Let it begin. MS and Google's collaboration in the Android ecosystem will be epic.