Update enables 90Hz on the Pixel 4 at lower brightness levels but there's a catch

05 November 2019
The smaller Pixel is still capped at 42% brightness, though.

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Say Google, Jony Ivy is free. hint-hint!

  • Anonymous

Never had that happen, just updated and still not happening. I think you all just need something to complain about! LOL

  • .alpha

Design 1 phone a year and controlling every aspect of hardware and software and cannot fix simple bug.

Walter C. Dornez, 05 Nov 2019My God, how the FOCK does one company mess up this consistently?!I've said it before. Google is the most uncompetitive smartphone company out there. They can't get their phone's design right. They can't get their specs right. They can't get their price right. They can't get their gimmicks right. All they can do well is their software & their image processing (which is the prime reason why their photos come out better even from conventional camera sensors).

If Google has any plans to continue making smartphones, they're gonna have to make some serious changes in their workforce (in their Pixel division) & start from scratch.

Whackcar, 05 Nov 2019This phone can't stop failing... https://www.youtube.com... moreMy God, how the FOCK does one company mess up this consistently?!

4XL uses a Samsung display, but the smaller 4 uses an LG P-OLED, so that could be why there's a difference

This phone can't stop failing...


Multi-billion company, thousands of workers and tester... They cant fix damn ONE thing :D
God damn.... Google is amazing....

After few dozen updates it'll be just fine..and then there'll be Pixel 5..with half a dozen issues as standard..how much is it?:)

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Kingslayer, 05 Nov 2019In other words, wait for the Pixel 5.I hope Pixel 5 has a large sensor like the Isocell Bright HMX or whatever Sony's cooking.

In other words, wait for the Pixel 5.

Man, sometimes it seems that Google goes out of their way to mess stuff up!

  • Dude

Ridiculous. have if fully and working or not at all, Google.