Sony Xperia 5 and future devices won't support first-party Email app

07 November 2019
The company is also dropping support for 'Backup - Powered by Amazon' from its Album app.

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  • Anonymous

oPaGanDasTyle, 07 Nov 2019Sony gives up on everything that people needs...remember Tr... moreThey are simply removing own services that can be replaced by other apps.
Less stuff to take care of now.

Eventhough my current phone is not Sony, i have no problem with this, less bloatware (use Gmail app).

What seems to be the problem looks like they downsize whatever department left in their mobile segment. Bad sales this year & worsen over each year seems like the cause. Sony needs to understand how to tackle market on every segment. They need to stepping up with the big boys or became better or else same old story happens again.

Well too much shouting and whistling for nothing.

  • John Weak

[deleted post]Very constructive comment. Thank you.

  • oPaGanDasTyle

Sony gives up on everything that people needs...remember Track ID?! that's something i will never forget having and using every more than i will think.

then, Sony gives up and shut down the service, and even inside app they are saying "oh, use shazam, its better" - no, it wasnt at taht time, shazam gets better now yes but...TrackID was better.

Why Sony dont give up 100% in mobile space and get profitable again in other areas?!

  • Olly

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019... I don't get it.Me neither. Report title says about Email App and in the body totally different thing. In some other website read the same thing. Are you guys just copy one another??

  • Anonymous

... I don't get it.

I could say when I updated Android 10 the other thing doesn't matter to me