Nokia 6.2 in for review

10 November 2019
Nokia's entry into the lower-midrange relies on clean design and software.

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Carol, 12 Nov 2019I can understand when someone sais better hardware, but che... moreAre you $+upid or what? read my comment carefully! I did not say that Pixel phones are cheaper than Nokia phones what i said is Pixel phones would be better choice if updates is the most important thing for you and yes Pixel 3a is affordable because it just half the price of Google's flagship phones but you'll get longer updates than any other phones from another brands.

Motorola One Action is the phone that i'm talking about because in some places Motorola One Action with 128GB storage is even cheaper than Nokia 6.2 with 64GB and the Chipset (Exynos 9609) in Motorola One Action also has better performance than the SD636 on Nokia 6.2.

You can keep defending Nokia's $+upid decision like closed minded fanboy but you can't deny the facts that other brands offer better phones at lower prices.

  • Sean

Hilmawan, 12 Nov 2019Actually the argument about the updates no longer makes sen... moreI have the Motorola One Action and for it's price it's actually a surprisingly good phone. Great screen, performance is smooth, battery life not too bad, cameras in daylight very nice quality bt best to stick to using HDR for best shots. Front camera isn't too great but also main cameras are actually decent at night too especially using a tripod and manual controls. Build is plastic but well built

  • Carol

Hilmawan, 11 Nov 2019Maybe you should have opened your eyes so you could realize... moreI can understand when someone sais better hardware, but cheaper too? Let's not exagerate. The pixel a is almost 400€, and i do not dee the (way better hardware) and Nokia 7.2 is arround 250. And i can go on and on. Let's not exagerate just for the sake of not shuttin' up.

Sylvers, 12 Nov 2019Well said. That's what I was thinking exactly. Which makes ... moreActually the argument about the updates no longer makes sense, because several other companies also offer an Android One phone.
For example Motorola One Action has the similar performance and features as Nokia 7.2 but in some places Moto One Action with 128GB of storage is actually cheaper than Nokia 6.2 with 64GB storage.

nesanexi, 11 Nov 2019Software and security updates can be the icing on the cake ... moreWell said. That's what I was thinking exactly. Which makes me seriously question Nokia's market strategy. They're not exactly a small company that can afford to mess up like that. This phone release reeks of poor market research; even an elementary SWOT would've made it obvious that this is not a winning package to sell.

I am sure it's easy for me to make these assessments from the comfort of my own home, but.. in the end, the numbers speak for themselves. And I'll be amazed if this phone sells or reviews well. Especially when it's releasing alongside a fleet of value-for-money Chinese phones at similar or lower prices.

YUKI93, 12 Nov 2019Pixel 3a is affordable? I hope you are joking, it's far from it.The initial price of Google pixel 3a is half the price of a Google flagship phone and if you're lucky you can even get Google pixel 3a at a discounted price.
That price is much cheaper than flagship phones from other brands but Google Phones will get longer OS updates than any of them so assessing the advantages and disadvantages, Pixel 3a is a affordable phone.
But if you still consider Pixel 3a expensive then Nokia phones are not phones for you because the price is more expensive compared to Andoird One phones from other brands which usually have cheaper prices or better specifications.

  • Anonymous

If you all could compare the camera performance between this phone and it's 7.2 counterpart, that would be appreciated. It would be funny to see if the cheaper option is the overall better option to buy.

I don't mind much about SD636 or 10W charger or even LCD screen. But wide/ultrawide/depth camera configuration? I'm not so sure, I'll be more than happy to have telephoto instead of ultrawide.

Hilmawan, 11 Nov 2019Maybe you should have opened your eyes so you could realize... morePixel 3a is affordable? I hope you are joking, it's far from it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019Well. Those who compare every phones with the likes of oppo... moreI got SD636 with #GB ram version of a phone for 170 euro 18 months ago. It even have decent camera on it. For the Price of this 6.2 i would go with something like Xiaomi Mi 9T that seems to be smaller body then eve nthis 6.2 but with better battery with amoled screen and other things. And well i rather have better hardware phone then just pure android. For Android One i would go with Mi A3 as even that is better then this 6.2 and something 100 euro less on price. 720p is downside but it's amoled so it takes less battery so i dont think that is a big negative thing.

By the look of it this Nokia 6.2 is made for the people like me who use the phone for life needs and dont need it for gaming or video streaming. Someone who needs a phone that can deal with little mail reading and some little browsing and then mostly for calls. But with this price range they go with is too high price for the hardware and for just pure android experience when there are better options out there with less price.

Nomak, 11 Nov 2019It's too bad that the market still has not taken seriously ... moreMaybe you should have opened your eyes so you could realize that Nokia isn't the only one that provides an Android One phones.
Some other brands also provide Android one phones which usually has a cheaper price and better specifications than Nokia phones.
If updates and clean UI is the most important thing for you Google pixel 3a is the best phone for you because not only the price quite affordable but the Pixel phones also has a longer support than an Android One devices.

  • Anonymous

does new phone is good investment in future or not?
Who haw faster 4g this samsung a50 or zte

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019Who cares about Nokia anymore ? Their comeback has fizzled ... moreGo for Xiaomi.

It's too bad that the market still has not taken seriously the importance of long term and timely security updates, together with the relevance of having a clean, unbloated and spyware-free OS on their device.

Software and security updates can be the icing on the cake but it cannot be the cake. As much as it's important, the reality is - its very hard to convince majority of consumers to buy a phone because of the software and security updates. Android Ones' stock features is not necessarily an advantage. Gone are the days when manufacturers' skin over Android will cause lag. Consumers will buy new phones every 2-3 years, and by then how well optimized the old phone is will become less important. Im not making unfounded claims. The proof is in the pudding and the proof is how consumer buy their products right now. And Nokia is performing worse than Realme who isn't known for software nor security updates. Again, these can be the icing on the cake that differentiate from other players, but it cannot replace the cake. And in this sense the cake is not neglecting the hardware offerings ie basic fast charging, competitive pricing, equivalent or competitive specifications and etc

  • Anonymous

Who cares about Nokia anymore ? Their comeback has fizzled out to nothing unfortunately..

It seems Nokia has gone stagnant these past releases. It seems that they couldn't secure better hardware deals from manufacturers and just settles on what they already have. IF they reject the idea of competition and expect that their "fans" would just buy whatever weak-a$$ phone they release then they'll fail just like how they did before.

  • Carol

Tech Jesus, 10 Nov 2019Snapdragon 636.This is not stone ageYoup this is a normal comment in 2019. Sounds like one from the stone age.

  • Caro'

Kek, 10 Nov 2019OMG finally. I have been waiting for this review for so long.I would not be this exited, it is yet to see a Nokia review by gsmarena that is actually good. In the meanwhile i already know how will it sound... very unprofesional, like always and they won't like it. That's about it.

Ram7567, 11 Nov 2019it ias snap 646 which is poorest since my phone worth 9000 ... moresorry snap 636 i meant