OnePlus made a piano using 17 units of 7T Pro

09 November 2019
The company will go on a short European tour with pianist Karim Kamar to showcase it.

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Sambiguous, 09 Nov 2019This is the most bizarre PR stunt I've ever seen next maybe a drum kit.

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When your product isn't good enough to be sold on the weight of its own worth, you invent gimmicks to help with the PR.

OnePlus = doesn't lift, now just photohshops.

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2019Wow Android still has abysmal touch response My condol... morenobody forced him, he still get paid

Different ideas and I like this one. It’s unique, stop hating.

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  • seriously

what a joke. attention whores running every single ad department

Just looking to steal 1/17th of that piano!


I really don't see the purpose off this. The gap between phones alone is sure to be a pain when attempting to play this thing.

  • Anonymous

Playing on flat screens with no tactile feedback (no key travel) sucks.

Reminds me of those posts or memes where people played cards using stacks of iPads/iPhones to serve as deck of cards.

All I see are displays with different white color temperature (some are reddish, some are bluish, some are greenish).
Yes, I know, I'm too sensitive, but I prefer to have consistency across all units, just like I want my phone to perform similarly to the same model that the other people own, unless I decided to change it on my own

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Android still has abysmal touch response

My condolences for the pianist that will be forced to play on this atrocity

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Well, at least, they are trying to do some marketing with their overpriced phones that are unable to sell. As rare as their usual bad marketing, of course. Those phones are too wide to make a comfortable piano to play. A gimmick of marketing anyways.

Socalteknique, 09 Nov 2019Boo! Its only available in countries that no one cares about.Lol, you jealous? At least have some respect for other countries as well, they're also a part of this world.

  • Anonymous

So their useless phones finally got a purpose xD

Is one plus just bored or idle and having nothing constructive to do??

Pretty interesting considering the fact one plus is best flagship device using pure android only. Compared to many others which cost more and using tons of bloatware.

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Aren't the press pressure and speed very important for the resulting tone in a piano? How are they would they even record those without pressure sensitivity and severe latency on a touch display. Or maybe it is just crap as an instrument and great for marketing.

  • Socalteknique

Boo! Its only available in countries that no one cares about.