Realme X2 Pro goes on sale in Europe

12 November 2019
It comes with a Snapdragon 855+ SoC, 90Hz AMOLED display, and 64MP quad camera.

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  • Anonymous

can you only buy it from the realme site or are there other sites

how about other EU countries? why they are not there, not possible to order? when it will be available for order?

Taxes, taxes..., 12 Nov 2019Hmmm... Strange thing. There are different VAT rates in di... moreJust import at lowest rate (17%) and then adjust the final prices for the different VAT rates.
They probably charged at the highest rate (25%) for all countries.

  • Wishlegs

Marco M, 12 Nov 2019App Market (maybe gone?) AquaMail Calculator Clone Phone... moreOh my gosh, is it all bloatware apps?
Why do this the Realme? Why?!
Then they must be deleted the first time!

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Taxes, taxes..., 12 Nov 2019Hmmm... Strange thing. There are different VAT rates in di... moreNope. If you order something from Europe with delivery to Europe, VAT is paied only by shipper in local country. Inbound country's vat does not matter. This is for european union. Ofcourse there are some (not many) europe countries that are not in EU but if it states europe delivery, then you pay nothing from europe to europe

  • Taxes, taxes...

Hmmm... Strange thing.
There are different VAT rates in different EU counties, sometimes difference is quite big, i.e. 17% in Luxembourg and 23% in Poland. Price in this Realme on-line shop remains the same, no matter where buyer lives. It makes one wonder whether their prices include VAT? Is there a risk that buyer will have to pay VAT locally?

Wishlegs, 12 Nov 2019And what about the pre-installed bloatware apps?!App Market (maybe gone?)
Clone Phone
One-Tap Lockscreen
Opera web browser
Phone Manager
Screen Recorder (maybe gone?)
Smart Assistant

None of these take up any considerable amount of space, and should for the most part have no reason to run in the background either. Except if you sign into facebook, game space etc.

And of course google's apps

  • Starsplash

If you are from uk and order the real x2 pro with 128gb and 8gb of ram, the phone comes with a 3 pin uk plug 50w charger in the box.

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  • Boian

Main issue with their scheme is the exclusive colour/spec/uk&eu versions. Also because of this, their much advertised 50W charging and unavailability of their Super Vooc charger in EU is a really anti-climactic situation. If you don't get your region's charger or it breaks you're left with mediocre fast-charging speeds.

  • Wishlegs

And what about the pre-installed bloatware apps?!

  • Harpoon

Waiting in Lithuania

There seems to be nothing to stop you from ordering a high end one for use in the UK, the only difference is that it comes with a EU plug, so the solution would be to just buy a UK adapter or use a UK - EU mains plug adapter.

  • Anonymous

By the time this is available in all of Europe, most people will have moved on. For even more incredible value go for the universally available Mi 9T Pro instead for about 315 Euro incl taxes (eglobal)..