The HiSense King Kong 6 splits a 10,010mAh battery between the phone and its case

12 November 2019
This is a similar design to the King Kong 5 before it. The case connects to the phones with pogo pins, similar to MotoMods.

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

NoSense, 14 Nov 2019They should rename themselves to a more fitting "NoSense". ... moreThis is mid-range it has a Helio P60 which makes its performance on par with a Samsung A50...

  • NoSense

They should rename themselves to a more fitting "NoSense". Putting such big batteries in low-end phones with garbage hardware is the dumbest idea ever.
Putting such huge batteries on mid-end or even high-end phones would really make sense, but certainly not here. If you paint a turd a pretty colour, it's still a turd.

  • Anonymous

Does it power the phone directly or does it charge the internal battery like battery packs?

  • Love the Community

oPaGanDasTyle, 13 Nov 2019yeah, for sure will be some MediaCrap inside, so...even wit... moreDid you see the reviews here about the phones powering Helio P60 and P70? Their average endurance is >90 hours which is optimally a great score.

This beauty for 200 bucks pack 11 000 mAh battery without any powerbank or battery case.

ASUS was able to fit a 6000mAh battery in a relatively thing body (9.5mm).

I don't think we should need a battery-case for such battery-life focused phones in this day & age. I give it 2 years before we'll see some orthodox phones feature 10,000mAh built-in batteries.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

oPaGanDasTyle, 13 Nov 2019yeah, for sure will be some MediaCrap inside, so...even wit... moreAny Mediatek chip built on 12nm or less will have good battery, stop giving such outdated information to people! If it was a Samsung Exynos on the other hand then we could worry. c:

Coming from someone who has a Motorola Power Pack Moto Mods, this is definitely a welcome addition. Thanks to that mod, I managed to get my Z2 Force somewhere between 2.5 to 3 days in a single charge. In cases where I only do light usage, I do managed to get nearly 4 days. Such a blissful innovation where I can leave my bulky power bank behind with that cluttered wire.

  • Anonymous

Finally a phone without battery problem. I need to buy . shut up and take my money.

  • Anonymous

oh boy now we're going to get self-entitled people wanting 10,000mAh batteries on their regular phones. 4000? too small. 5000? absolutely microscopic now.

  • oPaGanDasTyle

Crackling Doom, 13 Nov 2019Whooo, that's a massive battery. I'm expecting a MediaTe... moreyeah, for sure will be some MediaCrap inside, so...even with more than 10.000mah the battery life will su'cks

citizen from energy hungry country will love this phone

Whooo, that's a massive battery.

I'm expecting a MediaTek chipset on the phones.

  • Anonymous

So it's a less flexible Moto-mod.

  • Anonymous

I see contact pins does that mean we'll see extra modules fitting with this phone?!

  • bayag ng pinas

I betcha you can bludgeon someone with this lol

Or carry a 20k power bank & a 1m USB-C in your pocket.
Which you can use with your current & future phones/devices.

Holy Shizzle!

  • Anonymous

Hoo Lee Xhit , 12 Nov 2019Good battery better focus this plan than making 5 cameras i... moreLol do you want a phone or a bomb like this?

KebabSLO, 12 Nov 2019A portable charger with a phone built in.Ha yes !