HTC Desire 19s goes official with triple camera and $195 price tag

14 November 2019
The phone brings the MediaTek Helio P22 chipset paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage.

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My Lenovo Vibeshot from summer 2015 had better specs than this phone. And thats 4 years old.
For 99 euros or less it would be great phone but with this price i wonder if theey sell more than 10 device in a month.
Redmi 8A is a lot better device for half the price.

  • Anonymous

It's a phone from 2018 with low specs and old sensors too in a year when the competitors offer great variety of cameras, double or triple RAM and a lot better SoCs at that price. As usual people at HTC seems living in a permanent high state who knows for what reason...

What a piece of crap at that price. Only a blind die hard fan could buy it for the logo. But now that logo brand means nothing as their products aren't original. Are rebranded phones from other manufacturers. A rented brand or maybe should be called a prostituted brand.

cheap price, would've been much better if it has SD 600 series instead of the cheap Mediatek

For the specs, too expensive. Redmi 8, redmi note 8, much better.

April fools in November?

  • Mann Kumar

Was a big fan of HTC 2009-10 , They had great products ,but fell down with import of cheap chinese firms . They had worst soft support and up gradation.
My HTC phone is still in awesome condition,but couldn't find same battery in market . After sale support is poor for brand.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Love the Community, 14 Nov 2019I'm okay with a $50 price increase if they use Helio P90 or... moreP22 has twice as many cores and a better GPU... Still overpriced!

  • Hemel

Overpriced shit. Realme, Xiaomi even Samsung is giving much more in this price segment.

  • ben

Before even read I knew HTC going to screw on sub par CPU.


HTC still make phones??

  • John Weak

...and yet another notch. When will they learn?

  • Anonymous

Overpriced..... With that price I'll get something better

  • Had U12+

I used to have HTC U12+. Hardware-wise is was a great phone (if bought with some discount). But the software support is still a joke and probably won't improve. I will never buy a HTC phone again.

All the companies those were stubborn are buried

  • Amos

looks like HTC is back in business!

MediaTek? LOL. Can't use the GCam apk with that.

Wish Sharp releases the Aquos V here in the States. I'll have no problem getting a Snapdragon 835 phone for $230. Don't care if the 835 chip is nearly 3-years-old. That still beats the Pixel 3a's 670 and the $1500 Razr's SoC. And the Aquos V has a headphone jack. Too bad it's too tall at 157 mm..

The most innovative smartphone company of 2008-2014 is now releasing these kind of generic budget phones?

I want to see a U13+ (or rather a new flagship series, akin to the glorious HTC One series), and I want it to impress, like the good old days. I know HTC can do it, they just need to get back on the track.

  • End

End, 14 Nov 2019lg w30 pro. Is better.

  • End

lg w30 pro.

Got to say, that's about 99€ features. Fo that price should be 48mp obvious and 64mp to be as competitive as realmeXT. Spec difference is enough to notice.