Realme 5s display size and resolution confirmed

15 November 2019
It's coming on November 20 with a 48MP quad camera and a 5,000 mAh battery.

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  • Realdhir

I'm expecting it to have full HD display with fast charging with micro USB, even though if they're not providing Type C 5k mAh approximately takes 3½ hours from 0-100 charge, which isn't fair considering what it's competitors are offering now. Will have to wait and watch whether they've compromised in the build quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019720p.? it's badRight

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2019Wow the visuals would be so sharp and crisp on a 720p 6.5 I... more720p.?
it's bad

  • Anonymous

nice tablet
this is not a phone
yet the mass is going to buy it because they cant count till 3

  • Anonymous

Wow the visuals would be so sharp and crisp on a 720p 6.5 Inch display. Seems like we are back in 2014

  • Byhh

Another cancer notch

  • Anonymous

720p would be fine... if the screen was 5" or smaller.

I hate it when companies scream how large the screen is but use something below 1080p, everything under 1080p is just not worth it.

  • Anonymous

Realme 5 change logs.

  • Khuan

vivo U3 (U20 for India market) is better than this realme 5s because vivo has a FHD+ display and 18W dual engine fast charging.

  • ROB

another mobile cum pad

This is joining over crowded giant mid rangers. Is it so hard to manufacture a decent mid ranger which is under 150 mm tall(can use under 6 inch screen)?

great news. i love this phone

From what I can tell, it seems to be a rehash of Realme 5 with the primary 12MP camera replaced with 48MP one from the Realme 5 Pro. No other difference apparent.

If they can price this at 120USD or below then I'll buy it.

  • Anonymous

another giant desert
165mm !!!!!!
too harmfull for eyes
after a while you'll understand what i say
staring to big screen its dangerous

  • Anonymous

I was planning to buy it but 720p display is big no