Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 excites, but chipset lets it down

17 November 2019
Everybody loves the camera, but most are unimpressed by the overall package.

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  • Mindprison88

I've previously owned the Huawei P30 Pro and because of financial reasons I had to step down to Xiaomi Mi 9T and honestly I see no difference at all in performance, even while playing more demanding games like Mario Kart. I have zero lag and zero stutters, no matter what I throw at the 9T.

I don't see anything wrong with the Snapdragon 730, especially considering the fact that the one in the Mi Note 10 is the more capable G variant.

  • ichigo

i will go with realme x2pro... everythings is really real...

  • Anonymous

Vitaliano G., 17 Nov 2019Finally your readers teach you a lesson. All gsmarena Xiao... moreUsers are wrong. A very small minority cares about chipset. Almost everybody care about photo quality.

This is simply the first mid range camera phone in 20 years. It is a major release that would be long remembered. If anything gsmarena and other tech sites simp,y did not talk as highly as it deserves. They do not get it. But the ones who definite,y do not get it are the users whining for chipset. They gave you a Ferrari and you are complaining about the tires...

Yes this is not a gaming phone, there are plenty cheaper for that btw. Mobile gaming is bad anyway and even those that miss it, do not miss much. Having a high powered camera in your pocket on the other hand is huge. Nobody can overstate that...

Come on just wait a little while longer for the next year surely they will release flaghip smartphone with this camera setup. That phone would be Xiaomi Mi 10.

  • Anonymous

literally everyone whining: "I want SD 855+, 10GB memory 512GB storage 108mp camera 6000mAh battery for $100"

The reason why this phone comes with a weaker mid range SoC compared to its competitors at the same price range is the camera. The main camera module alone is 5x more expensive than SD855, and on top of that this phone has 4 other different cameras inside it (even though they are definitely cheaper to make than the main one).
So I wouldn't say Mi Note 10 is a total rip off, but yeah I do get why many people are feeling a bit pissed about its price.

vrvly, 17 Nov 2019You can have the greatest chipset or you can have the great... moreHere is everything about 550€ price. Everyone just want sd 855 at least for that money,and 108 mp camera just can't motivate people to buy it. For me another problem is thickness,almost 10mm,with some protection will be even more,and still camera module will bump out of the body.

  • Rayquaza

I do agree, i love almost everything inside this phone but chipset. At least SD855 would make this phone even great

  • Singbee

Yes, instead of waiting for its monstrous camera capabilities, I am going for an all rounder Realme X2 pro!

If you are not some demanding game player, this chipset will do just fine. Plus big battery... Perfect combo.
I have used Huawei's P smart Z as "in between" phone. It is just unbelievable how good midranger chipsets are.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 17 Nov 2019In 3 months, the S11 series will come and show the real pot... moreso there will be Mi 10 also

In 3 months, the S11 series will come and show the real potential of this 108MP sensor. It is also predicted to come with a real 5x zoom sensor (periscope style), as opposed to the 3.7x telephoto zoom in this Xiaomi phone which they deceive people by calling it a real 5x zoom sensor.

And then P40 Pro & rest of the competition will follow up with their rival products with new and improved camera sensors. In general, 2020 will be a progressive year for smartphone photography.

You can have the greatest chipset or you can have the greatest camera. This phone is all about cameras.
If there is some let down, it would be that you cannot continue in other fov when recording video, update would help.

Finally your readers teach you a lesson.
All gsmarena Xiaomi Hype... and then the device failed to blow your readers minds, even though you were not so hard on the 'not flagship SOC'.

My opinion: The SOC is not a big deal. The camera really is, and this device is a very interesting step towards an improved kind of cameraphones.

But what is happening is the same as VW launching the Paethon. Great car, a lot of hype, but at the end of the day, it was 'just' a VW. So, Xiaomi has a long way to go the flagship segment, not only in specs and features. They need to link their name for more than 'cheap and fast'.

  • Apuse

You either go for best camera and decent chipset at that price or best chipset and decent camera. It's simple choice. I don't see why many people are complaining