Huawei will announce the nova 6 on December 5

20 November 2019
The phone will have 5G support and a dual selfie camera with a regular and ultrawide units.

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  • Islam Bashir

Is Huawei nova 6 or nova 7 will be supported by play store of google ..??

  • me

But will this and future Huawei and Honor phones get official android support?

  • Anonymous

AllIT hypermarket, 20 Nov 2019 moreLol it about front camera

  • Raja

inidia launch ?

Ultra wide and macro camera? That's odd I wonder how will portraits work

  • ain

AllIT hypermarket, 20 Nov 2019 moreit says selfie right there. fanboy spotted

  • Rlx

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2019Nova 7 is coming in FebruaryReally that is true,they are producing phones too fast with minor updates but people are like sheeps they want to be "important" with latest phone whatever it costs but they use 10% on phones abilities.Sad

  • Anonymous

Nova 7 is coming in February

  • Anonymous

AllIT hypermarket, 20 Nov 2019 moreThis is about the front camera not rear.

  • blabla

AllIT hypermarket, 20 Nov 2019 morethey are talking about front selfie camera, not rear ultra-wide camera

  • AllIT hypermarket

Samsung Note10 UltraWide 16mp f/2.2 is 123degree ultrawide.
Huawei Nova6 only 105degree.