Realme teases truly wireless headphones ahead of December launch

20 November 2019
Realme is bringing “a few more exciting things” next month.

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  • Popy
  • D0i
  • 21 Nov 2019

We need the bus version for these

    Just copy Apple's airpods and its features then sell it to us at a cheaper price. That is only your best move if u want to sell those. No need to be unique, just copy the good features and sell it to us cheap.

      Nooo!! Not another AirPods design please. There are many other sensible designs out there.

        Realme is fully following the xiaomi way with their cost effective but premium quality accessories.They certainly are here to stay alongwith xiaomi and we, consumers are be the winners thanks to these two.

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          • Adul Al Salami Kebab
          • nrX
          • 20 Nov 2019

          Sitting here happy with my i9s TWS! OwO