Oppo unveils ColorOS 7 and teases Reno3

19 November 2019
Oppo is bringing a total makeover to its custom Android interface.

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i like it for lower cost due to older chipset

  • Aakash

Gave , 24 Nov 2019even F11pro can get this color os 7 ? No

  • Gave

even F11pro can get this color os 7 ?

  • Anonymous

Really did not support oppo a5 2020 ?

ColorOS, 22 Nov 2019OPPO's ColorOS is not an "Android custom skin". It is a de... moreFunny of you to say that because Oppo has moved closer and closer to stock since ColorOS 3.x till now. Oppo will go ahead with it's own SOC but it will be based on ARM, because you already know what happened with non-ARM designs in the mobile market.

Now whether ColorOS is "custom Android skin" or not, I would say it's a proper Android fork. But even Huawei is reluctant to move out of Android's base, I doubt Oppo is going to stop reluctance on Android.

  • ColorOS

OPPO's ColorOS is not an "Android custom skin". It is a depository of OPPO's software effort for OPPO branded devices. The fact that the OPPO smartphones currently running on AndroidOS and ARM platform is merely a historic "accident".

We will be seeing OPPO ColorOS running on a Mobil operating system (which is not Android) and a SoC (which is not ARM related), with a superior camera sensor (which is not related to Samsung or SONY) in the coming months.

  • Brian K

I've got the Reno 10x Zoom 5G. Will it receive an update on the same day as the regular Reno 10x?

Not worth, 21 Nov 2019Sold my Oppo Reno 2F and Realme XT when I didnt see them an... moreBoth these phones are set to be updated in Q1-Q2 2020. Maybe a little premature to sell off?

  • Not worth

Sold my Oppo Reno 2F and Realme XT when I didnt see them anywhere in the whole list until Q4 2020 for Color OS 7 upgrade. So much of ignorance from company.. sigh.


Any news when will be release ?

a simple dude, 20 Nov 2019The Oppo Reno was a fresh new phone and they’ve decided to ... moreI was about to comment on the same thing. It feels like as if six months is already too long in smartphone world, and the compant decided to release another new phone. This is nuts!

  • Kevin

afronoia, 20 Nov 2019My 3 Pro will get this before the newer 5 Pro. Wow! Aside ... moreIt's China-only, everywhere else you will get the update earlier than in China(going by Realme India's roadmap)

  • Jimmy

I won't be surprised Oppo released Reno 10 by 2021

  • LLL

Waiting for the true successor of the 10x Zoom with SD865, new Sony 64MP quad bayer main cam, improved periscope tele cam (5x is enough, just improve the image quality), bigger ultra wide cam (say, 12 / 16MP), and stays notch- and hole-free.

farukh saeed, 20 Nov 2019Why not Oppo f11?? is this joke?Will be announced, F11 series will get it along with A9 and A9x.

Since F series doesn't exist in China there were no details announced for these models.

a simple dude, 20 Nov 2019The Oppo Reno was a fresh new phone and they’ve decided to ... moreWell, Reno Ace launched after Reno2, and is technically still Reno1 series. And we have Reno 10x Zoom 5G which is, well, Reno3 basically.

The Oppo Reno was a fresh new phone and they’ve decided to unveil the Reno 2 only few months after and now that the Reno 2 is still brand new they unveil the Reno 3...(facepalm)
Imagine if Samsung or Apple were doing just like Oppo, we will be at the iPhone 125 and the Galaxy S97. XD

  • farukh saeed

Why not Oppo f11?? is this joke?

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2019no F11 pro??? F11 and F11 Pro are variants of A9x and will be getting the update in Q2 2020.

It's not announced for K1, but being the R17 Neo, it should get the update.

That leaves only F7 and F9 series in doubt.

  • Amit

Oppo - never should have bought the phone from them. Seriously, their OS really suck. They are so slow in rolling updates to the recently launched models. Even the phones launched this year are getting the updates to Android 10 in next year in Q2. I shouldn't have left XIOMI for OPPO.