Samsung Galaxy S10 receives sixth Android 10 beta update

21 November 2019
It doesn't bring in any new features, but does iron out some bugs.

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  • Dw3
  • 24 Nov 2019

tsk another update.. my poor s10 still no updates.. i have s10 at&t and im outside usa.

    Dont tell me Samsung downgrading the camera on S10 via updates as S11 is coming up soon ?

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      • boe
      • rf}
      • 22 Nov 2019

      The BIGGEST feature I'd love to have them update in android is a really really really good anti robocaller /sales call blocker. Even with truecaller I get about 4 spam calls a day.

        What I hate most on my Galaxy Note 10+ is the missing LED notifications =/ I think I turn on the device a lot more now ... and the missing "block spam by word" that they removed on Android 9 =/ I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Brazil we get so many SPAM all the time I basically stopped using SMS at all and just check if I need a 2-factor authentication.

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          • I8m
          • 22 Nov 2019

          Better than apple just releasing software like this for years. So they can send out a multitude of fixes after people are stuck on it.
          But in the end the users still defend them

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            • U{3
            • 21 Nov 2019

            What is Galaxy Buzz?