Samsung Galaxy S11 5G confirmed to come with 25W fast charging

21 November 2019
An improvement over the S10 series but still not on par with the Note10+.

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  • 27 Nov 2019

Why do you keep mentioning the 45W that was nothing but a scam?

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    • 25 Nov 2019

    YUKI93, 25 Nov 2019Couldn't find Mi 9Pro? moreYour link is not working on my browser but I GOT IT thro' GSMArena anyway

    Both Mi 9 Pro/9 Pro 5G have the same 4000mAh and 40W Charger.

    Assuming 1S Config of the LiPo, Charger is 5V, 8A
    70% Charge in 21 mins
    0-100% in 38 mins
    The charging is at 2C.

    If 2S config of LiPo, Charger 9V, 4.4A
    70% charge in 19 mins
    0-100% charge in 34 mins
    The charging is at 2.2C

      Manab, 25 Nov 2019I couldn't find Mi 9Pro. Found Mi CC9Pro and Mi 9TPro Mi... moreCouldn't find Mi 9Pro?

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        • 25 Nov 2019

        YUKI93, 24 Nov 2019Meanwhile, at Xiaomi: moreI couldn't find Mi 9Pro. Found Mi CC9Pro and Mi 9TPro

        Mi CC9Pro: massive 5260mAh, Charger 30W@5V, 6A, that is 1.14C ideal charging
        70% in 37 mins
        0-100% in 67 mins.

        Mi 9TPro: 4000mAh, Charger 27W@5V, 5.4A that is 1.35C, not so ideal
        70% in 31 mins
        0-100% in 57 mins.

        I'd say quite impressive, both.

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          • 25 Nov 2019

          Well, I got some info on Xiaomi's 100W charger used on 4000mAh battery.

          It charges 0-100% in 17 (Seventeen) mins, compared with OPPO's charger with 3750mAh battery, which gives 0-65%, same time.

          Xiaomi's charger ACTUAL specs are 81 to 85 W, ~18.1 V and gives ~4.5 A charging current.

          It's common Sense and simple Physics, since the Voltage is ~18+, the LiPo used is in 4S config with 4 X 1000mAh in Series.
          Since each component is 1000mAh, the Charging Current is 4.5C (ideally 1 to 1.5C).
          The HEAT generation will be 20 times that of the ideal.

          The OPPO Charger Actual specs are ~42 W, 8.7 V, 4.8 A. The battery is in 2S config. The charging current is 2.3C. The HEAT generation will be 5.3 times that of ideal (compare 20x of Xiaomi's).

          Battery Life?

          The less said about it is better.

          Cost? You'll pay for the Heat-Removal tech in ADDITION (like liquid-cooled phone).

          You'll save 51 mins by this charger compared to 20W, 1C charger (which will take 68 mins).

          Any plans for using this saved 51 mins, every time you charge? The battery life will be reduced by ~2.5 times (my estimate)

            Manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to market with max wattage and should indeed use average wattage because most consumers get fooled by higher numbers that can only be sustained during the first 15-20% of the charge than exponentially breaks down to a small fraction of that.

              Meanwhile, at Xiaomi:

              Why don't you check the Mi 9 Pro's wired charging speed? :v

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                • 24 Nov 2019

                ypcx, 22 Nov 2019RIP SAMSUNG. Been having 40W supercharge on my P30 Pro for... moreYour Hw P30 Pro 40W Charger gives 5.88 Amps output whereas (Yet to be Verified) Sam Galx S11 (Feb 2020 rel) is expected to give 5.00 Amps from its 25W Charger.

                Your "SuperCharger" is ONLY 17.6% higher (by current output)

                By the way this S11 will take 32 mins (or 31) for a 70% Charge compared to P30 taking 30 mins for the same (7% faster).

                Endurance of P30 is 100 hrs. S11 is expected to have the same.

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                  • 24 Nov 2019

                  (Contd, the 2nd one)

                  By the way, most experts, Sci/Tech papers/articles, STRESS that charging at 1C Amps is BEST for your LiPo battery, you can stretch to 1.5C and atmost 2C Amps.

                  C is the TRUE capacity in Ah (divide mAh by 1000), and drop the h to get in Amps.

                  e.g. For Galaxy S11, C = 3730 mAh = 3.73 Ah.

                  So for Galx S11 with 25W@5V charger, 5A current, we have charging current as 5/3.73 = 1.34C, VERY MUCH IN THE REASONABLE RANGE!

                  If some morons want 40W@5V charger, it'll be 8/3.73 = 2.14C charging. Quite BAD.
                  So, Samsung is not an Old Fool. It is providing with the right Charger in the Box with the S11 Phone.

                  I read somewhere Xiaomi is giving a 100W charger. To do WHAT? I need to know WHAT LiPo Battery it is designed to charge. I'm sure it is for charging your Bike's 6V lead battery.

                  What about 9V chargers? Your LiPo Battery Voltage is fixed; 3V (lowest+Worst) to 4.2V (highest), Op voltage is 3.85V. So the drop in the Voltage of 9-3.85 = 5.15V is mainly in the charging cable at High Current.

                  They're giving away cheaper (thinner) charging cables for high current (instead of Thicker cables which will cost more). And to fool Dimwits by showing higher Wattage charger.

                  For the Simpletons who are ready to be Fooled, read the following info regarding charging Phone Batteries:

                  A 40W @9V charger is equivalent to 40/9*5 = 22W @5V charger with Thicker Cables.
                  So WISE UP morons, stop being fooled. Stop hankering for Fast Charging and Higher Wattages!

                  Remember the Saying: "A Fool and his Money are soon Parted"?

                    ypcx, 22 Nov 2019RIP SAMSUNG. Been having 40W supercharge on my P30 Pro for... moreInsert the "40w supercharge" in your ass.
                    We don't care a lot about such feature. There are features that are much important than this.

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                      • 22 Nov 2019

                      RIP SAMSUNG.
                      Been having 40W supercharge on my P30 Pro for over a year now.
                      Love how some comments here attempt a PR damage control. Doesn't work. Only a fool cares about your product anymore.

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                        • 22 Nov 2019


                        My Advice is FIRST get the Phone's Battery Specs, Viz., True Capacity C and Max. Permissible Charging Current A,

                        And then Choose the Charger!

                        Your charger should then be at most of Wattage W = 5xA (for 5V charger).

                        Usually, the OEM packs the matching Charger, which, most likely, the best for your phone!

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                          • 22 Nov 2019

                          Some basics about Charging LiPo batteries.
                          C - Actual Battery Capacity
                          A - Maximum Charging Current allowed (for Safe Op, No explosion)
                          (This A is hardly ever mentioned/discussed by users/experts, including GSMArena)

                          Then 0 to 100% Charging time (best case) is

                          t = 1.27 x C / A

                          So for the battery of this S11, C=3730 mAh, A is unknown. But with 25W @5V Charger, A=5Amps. The charging time (0-100%) would be,
                          =1.27 x 3.73 / 5 = 0.95 hrs/57 mins, Not Fast enough for some.

                          Today, even a $200 phone battery has Over-Current protection for charging.
                          NO MATTER what Oversized Charger you use, it'll charge at most at "Max A" I mentioned.

                          Somehow get this Max A spec for your phone battery and USE my formula for time to charge.

                          I DON'T use 0-100% charging. Instead use 5-80%. The time taken will be,
                          t = 0.75 x C / A. That is 59% of full Charge time getting 75% of Capacity. This also reduces the Battery Stress and increases its life to 2.5X of that if you use Full Charging.

                          This strategy will require 0.75 x 3.73 / 5 = 34 mins only and one has 80% Capacity = 2984mAh.

                          (The formulas are based on Constant Current Charging followed by Constant Voltage Charging for LiPo Batteries)

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                            • 22 Nov 2019

                            BigDisplay, 21 Nov 201925 watt "fast charging" , really is a big joke. In Samsung... more25watt is slow?????

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                              • 22 Nov 2019

                              someone, 21 Nov 2019learn to understand the context. The 3.5 mm in phones is de... moreWhy does someone have to get a something because you say so? Get over yourself

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                                • 22 Nov 2019

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                                    • 22 Nov 2019

                                    Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Dead??? U talking like everybody uses type C headphones and... moreIn the near future, the 3.5mm jack won't be the standard anymore. Accept the fact that almost all flagship devices removing their jack. If you want, stay on your old phone

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                                      • 22 Nov 2019

                                      I do not appreciate Samsung REMOVING features rather than adding features just to match Iphones. They first removed RadioFM and it annoyed me to the maximum. Note 2 had Radio, Note 3 didn't. Then they removed INFRARED a feature many forgot it ever existed. That was so useful and practical to me. I had a universal remote control app which I could control anything with from air conditioners to tvs, anything. Then they removed the removable battery, now 3.5mm jack. They keep removing features, soon we'll call them dumb phones. Now they even removed the Samsung Music app. You have to download it manually. What normal phone doesnt come with a music player app?? Whats next on their REMOVAL LIST bluetooth, mobile hotspot? They should focus more on ADDING features not removing them.

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                                        • 22 Nov 2019

                                        someone, 21 Nov 2019learn to understand the context. The 3.5 mm in phones is de... morePanic!!!! Adaptor