CR: India online smartphone sales reach an all-time high in Q3

21 November 2019
Xiaomi and Realme were the top-selling brands.

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  • 22 Nov 2019

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Economy in complete shambles Export down 9% since march... moreWell obviously it's not gonna be mentioned here, this is a site about phones, not Indias economy

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    • 21 Nov 2019

    Economy in complete shambles

    Export down 9% since march
    Car sales down 23 % since july
    Two Wheeler sales 14% down since july
    40,000 IT staff laid of this month alone
    1.7 million small scale industrieshut down past 2 years
    Reserve bank 30$ billion dried up
    2.5$ billion foreign investment rolled back
    85% buying two Wheeler on long term loans
    Unemployment nearing 10%
    5 trillion pipedream
    States crushing under debt by giving pension and massive bonuses to 1% employees ( government employees)
    Unsustainable tax rates
    Deteriorating public roads and sky high pollution

    But God forbid let these facts be hidden since a few people bought Fold, RIP LOGIC

      It's hard not to consider Chinese phones when they offer phones with high specifications and low prices.
      Some Chinese brands even provide support for up to 2 or 3 years for their entry level phones.
      You can save money by buying a Chinese mid range phones and upgrading to a new version once every 2 years.

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        • 21 Nov 2019

        THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 21 Nov 2019I am not surprised Realme is doing well in India. Realme... moreI purchased a Pixel 3 XL for that price here in Canada..

          I am not surprised Realme is doing well in India.

          Realme X2 pro is an excellent phone for INR 33000 all taxes included- 12/256 GB variant. That's 415 euro or USD 460.
          As of now, I don't think a more vfm device with 90Hz display and top notch specs exists.
          SD 855+ chipset , btw.

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            • 21 Nov 2019

            It'll be interesting to see the Indian Smartphone Market in 5 years, whether a new brand will come up or existing ones die off