Checking in with Corning: the status of foldable glass

25 November 2019
We had a chance to talk to Corning about the future of glass in foldable smartphones. Also, what ever happened to sapphire glass?

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  • 25 Nov 2019

Very few people use wireless charging when wired charging is much faster. Not a valid reason for manufacturers to think that consumers prefer glass to metal. Heck, manufacturers do not even think of consumers' preferences. They only remove features and make the phone more fragile so people have to buy a new one or send it for repairs.

    Kangal, 25 Nov 2019"Not only that, but it allows for wireless charging while a... moreMy best solution to this conundrum is this:
    Have the front display be made of plastic (scratchable but non-shatter). And do the same to the rear backplate. Make them both Flat and Transparent, so they look "nerdy" and "unique". Then apply a Tempered-Glass Protector on both sides. To make this form-factor work the device needs to be thin (eg 6.0mm), and the sideframe needs to be made from a sturdy (Aluminium?) compound, and it needs to be thicker (eg 8.00mm) to add a lip to both sides and absorb most of the impact.

    Now both sides feel premium, are scratch-resistant, and if it drops... the impact gets absorbed by the sideframe or glass and not the plastic body. And the Glass Protector can be transparent (nerdy), or it could be coloured, or textured, or even have a photo-embedded inside... that way people can customise their phone just like they used to customise the Nokia 3310's. Overall, it would look futuristic with a 21:9 OLED phone, underscreen selfie, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, IP68 waterproofing, and vibrational loudspeaker. The internal components will probably be soldered-on, unfortunately. But at least they will provide very quick updates with AndroidOne.

    ...Or you could just build a "practical phone":
    16:9 IPS-LCD, double Slim Bezels, rear fingerprint scanner, removable battery, and front-firing stereo loudspeakers. And the internal would be a single logic board, with modular components for the USB, Headphone Jack, Cameras, and Speakers... so that it can be repaired for long-term use. They might use a SkinnedOS (eg Meizu FlymeOS), just as long as they have an Unlockable Bootloader and Documentation/Source so that people can build their own Custom Roms for even longer device lifetime. We'd also appreciate the ability to use Alternate OS such as SailfishOS or UBports.

      "Not only that, but it allows for wireless charging while also being DURABLE and attractive."

      Ummm, nope. Glass backplates are NOT durable.
      And these "Glass Sandwiches" can be seen everywhere in public, with many people having to use it cracked. The design started off with the iPhone 4, then Sony Xperia Z1, followed by Samsung S6, LG G6, and iPhone 8. And a cracked glass means it is no longer waterproof, so there goes that reason for sealing-in batteries (instead of User Removable).

        Would be better to have either more scratch resistance or better drop resistance. Because i see a ton of people with broken glass on their phones. So maybe is more common that people drop their phones than keys scratching the glass. And yes, my Note9 is scratched on some areas but is better than a crack.

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          • 25 Nov 2019

          Curved glass began with the Note Edge. The S7 Edge came later haha.

          Also what about GG DX+? Have they talked about developments on that field? Because I think I remember that last year when they unveiled DX+ and SX for wearables, they said that they wanted to scale up the production to eventually equip larger devices like phones. And as an owner of a device with DX+ Glass, it is indeed much more scratch resistant than regular GG (compared with GG6)

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            • 25 Nov 2019

            Damn more interesting than a phone review

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              • 25 Nov 2019

              Umm... This feels more like a Wikipedia article than an interview.

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                • 25 Nov 2019

                I miss having an aluminum back on my phone, hell of a lot stronger than glass

                  Glass is glass, and the rule never changes up until now: it breaks.