Redmi K30 with 5G support and punch hole display is coming on December 10

26 November 2019
It will feature a dual selfie camera and dual speaker.

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The punch hole is a pain in all honesty, but giving up the phone and its 120Mhz refresh rate screen because of it is too much. then again This phone will probably sell for $400-$500 given all these characteristics while also 5G is useless in like 80% of the world right now. so the K20 is still an option and this one is only going to make it cheaper.

  • Disgusting

What the hell, k20 pro premium never came to Europe so I was excited for k30 with it's potential sd855+ or even better sd865 but now there are rumors of some mediatek being used in the pro model 😈😈😈😈😈

And as if this ain't bad enough they add the punch hole nobody asked for to ruin the epic fullscreen of k20. I see it won't even have any fancy colors like k20 with it's red and blue mesmerizing designs!

I suspect they hold sd865 for k40 but that could be released in mid 2020 and I don't have any patience left, I already wait for months for sd865 instead of buying sd855 😈

Why a downgrade from k20?? The punchholes are the only reason I don't like S10 plus and u guys are copying the bad things from them? But I'm really happy with Mi 9T for now:)

  • Anonymous

P650SE, 26 Nov 2019This phone sounded amazing with a superior IPS display and ... moreWhat's a punch hole.?

This phone sounded amazing with a superior IPS display and 120Hz refresh rate, but I absolutely cannot bring myself to buy a phone with an ugly punch-hole camera cutout. It is the dumbest idea I have ever seen in my entire life, arguably worse than removing the headphone jack. I might look at getting the Razer Phone 2 since the price is dropping once again, currently down to $350 in the US.

  • Jojo

Yeah, because that is why everyone brought the K20. The punch hole. LOL!

Don't like the punch hole(s)? Move on to something you like. I don't like it, too, but I'm not whining. If you think their design team is not good enough, you group of crybabies should form an alliance and apply for the postÂÂ… with your portfolios, of course. Hahaha

Hope to have and sd card slot.
Like the fingerprint in the right and all the phome. Sd735-5g is an uppermidrange hope to have and external memory on the phine like others company to can compete with others

  • Anonymous

The bigger the punchhole the more triggered people will get.
I like it! Its so funny, if you dont like it shut up and move on.

  • Mr chips &#12783

It's gorgeous and amazing phone 📱 I am really excited about it

  • Anonymous

Chinese OEM’s start to copy Samsung Galaxy S10 plus now lol.

  • Xiaomi mi mi mi mi m

What are you doing xiaomi? thats a big ass ugly punch hole! continue your k20 display with better specs all in just dontttttttttt do that shit punch hole its extremely ugly

  • Mimax/R7/PocoUser

Proud user of xiaomi phones, however, if the K30 will not have an 800 Series of SD. I have no choice to buy realme x2 pro. But I am still hoping that Xiaomi/Redmi will add a 800 series for the K30

Hello Xioami,Im a big fan of xioami since redmi 1s..As i request you to don't put notch or punch hole camera in k30 series.we need full view super AMOLED display like k20 series..its pretty decent display in k20,

  • Wertu

K20 may 2019
K30 Dec 2019
K40 may 2020 ???

XiaoMEH FANbui, 26 Nov 2019ok boomer....Remember when you guys constantly bashed the s10+ look at you guys now lmao

  • Anonymous

7hs, 26 Nov 2019People defending that cancer hole in 3...2...1...Only boomers dont like punchholes :)

it would be big surprise if they add SD865 and sells it for 300-350 bucks.

  • tentkme

XiaoMEH FANbui, 26 Nov 2019ok u know what is boomer?

he was complaint bout hole punch being backwards,its totally opposite of what boomer will say...

  • Anonymous

Probably SD735? Since that's the only SD 700 series with 5G support.