Samsung reveals Android 10 update roadmap for its devices in the Philippines

29 November 2019
The Galaxy S10 trio and the M20 will be the first devices to get Android 10 layered with One UI 2.0.

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  • Jun

Can someone please help why I cant update my note9? It is still android 9

  • Anonymous

what about Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

came out with android 9?

What about Samsung Galaxy J4+ ?

  • Gattenaxx

my S8 is just 2 years old will i have the security patches at least......?

  • Anonymous

ihave s8 edge and s7 edge. u are big bitches samsung

  • Persia

happy to see my device Galaxy A10s :)

  • greencyborg

no love for A8 (2018)....

Paul, 29 Nov 2019What about s8?S8/+ is already done on Android major updates, sadly. :/

However, security updates are still staying.

Good job Samsung for the quick response updates!

  • Anonymous

Paul, 29 Nov 2019What about s8?Not come android 10 for s8 and s8+

  • Paul

What about s8?

  • ibbN

UAE also published yesterday

  • King

Amirboli, 29 Nov 2019It is too late for A50 . Isnt it ???????Its later for A10 in Africa Ghana

  • Anonymous


  • Sith4

A40 ???

It is too late for A50 . Isnt it ???????