Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 batteries pass certification in South Korea

03 December 2019
Samsung is sticking to the two battery approach for its next Fold.

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  • Anonymous

Clamshell phone with 7.5 inch screen.

  • Anonymous

I hope the wear leveling is good.

  • Anonymous

Folding phones will be the norm eventually, the technology is a bit immature at the moment though.

  • Anonymous

Geric.770, 03 Dec 2019Seems they're not giving up on folding phones. Wish for the... moreWhy should they?
There is still a very big potential.

Samsung may not truly get it right until the Fold 3 or 4.

  • Haxi

Why 2018 date on it?
While fold 1 has 2019 battery installed.
So this is fake as f...

  • Gandalfdenvite

Why only have the chance of only one fire when you can have the chance of two fires!

Seems they're not giving up on folding phones. Wish for the best, Samsung.

  • Thinker

I doubt they'll launch Fold 2 along with S11, as both device will be special for Samsung and Worldwide audience and both of them meant for different categories, and they'll be of premium category.

So, they don't want one device can overshadow another at the same time.