Top 20 most popular phones of 2019

29 December 2019
These are the 20 most popular phones of the year.

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  • Hafiz

Elisa Mandy, 31 Dec 2019Where the f is the Redmi K20 Pro?Redmi K20 Pro or a.k.a Mi 9T Pro isn't in the list. I strongly agree with you in this

  • justlooking

these are just popular mobile phone views on the website and not sales. Doesn't mean anything besides kids looking for a cheap phones who can't afford flagships. Would love to see the demographic of people/age group/countries who view gsmarena.. and it will explain the why

  • Elisa Mandy

Where the f is the Redmi K20 Pro?

  • Dila

hmm, 30 Dec 2019Samsung A50 dont make any sense when there is Mi 9T and Mi... moreThis is the most POPULAR. Samsung has a lot of fans so no wonder.

  • hmm

Samsung A50 dont make any sense when there is Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro that both on 6GB ram version are more powerful with either SD730 or 855 over Samsung Exynos 9610 while A50 4GB ram and 64GB storage cost more then both of these Xiaomi phoones that both have under display fps and popup camera with no notch or anything.

N9 pureview is the biggest underdog of 2019.

Keep giving phones like the A50 with horrifyingly bad cameras attention and all you'll get is a company like Xiaomi with the Mi 9T deciding not to bother putting money or effort into making their cameras good anymore if no one seems to care.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-908380, 29 Dec 2019Looking into selling my A50 ASAP. Worst phone I have ever u... moreMy fp works very well and fast in my A50

  • hmm

Weird 2 Xiaomi middle class but no top end middle class k20/mi 9T/Pro

  • Akw

Unfair post ... As phones from early year have more view and comments to late year when our statitic include year by year ... The best stats should includes during last year and or be for each Q ... Happy to see A20 and A30 ... Nokia 9 and its cameras ... And M20 and M30 are here but less sell than A-Series ... You have iPhone XR and Galaxy A10 as best selling phone but You don't see them at top and there are no iPhones here. Last thing i love phone sells of each Quarter it would be good if we see it in top of site and be easy to finding with search in the site and engines.

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2019I don't even know why existence existsLol. I can't one up that

  • Anonymous

Essen, 30 Dec 2019Don't understand the authenticity of this list. Popular as ... moreIn views

  • Anonymous

Josephnero, 30 Dec 2019I don't even know why the universe existsI don't even know why existence exists

  • AnonD-754814

[deleted post]The Apple fan is unhappy !
Or is it the Chinese Huawei fan ?

  • Human

No iPhone? Great news! Go android!!

[deleted post]I disagree, that is how the majority of sales work. Everyone and their children does not buy a Huawei/Samsung/iPhone flagship, what they buy is $200-350 phones.

  • Michael

Damn, Samsung and Xiaomi dominating 2019

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019I don't even know why this comment existsI don't even know why the universe exists

Out of Control, 30 Dec 2019What do you mean by to 'an extent Samsung'? Did you read th... moreI mean In my opinion Xiaomi won this year. With emphasize on my opinion. Sammy did well too.did better in sales but you can't compare something like Mi9Tpro to A70 in same price.

  • Essen

Don't understand the authenticity of this list. Popular as in sales? Or views? And if so is it global or specific markets/continents? Anyway, the only compact phone in this is the S10e. That too it just about makes it in at number 19. Again does that mean nobody wants compact phones or there aren't enough choices? The only others are the A40, the poorly specced A10e and A20e and an Mi 9 SE that lacks some key features. The Pixels are compact, but they are Pixels.