Sony Xperia 3 may have been spotted at Geekbench with S865 chipset, 12GB of RAM

09 December 2019
By the looks of it, Sony is preparing four variants of its 2020 flagship. The top-specced model should feature 5G connectivity.

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  • Mike

Rashiq, 10 Dec 2019I hope Sony gets the price right, they lost so many custome... moreSony's pricing is fine, after the initial period of introduction their price comes down across the board unless it's an XZ2 Premium for some reason. Six months after the release Xperia 1 costs about 620 unlocked and there are great deals if you want to activate it on a supported carrier.

Don't know what midrange Chinese you are referring but no they are not better than Sony flagships. You can read online whatever you want but OnePlus or Huawei P30 can't take the cake over Xperia 1 as an overall experience.

  • Mike

Yann, 09 Dec 2019Dramatic change in the design shows, that SONY is completel... moreWhat you call ARC design is pillow back of XZ2/XZ3 and in no way they are thick phones nor ugly. The curved backplate of these phones is super quality curvature surface unseen on any other phone. You still hold your phone by the frame while pillow back rests in your palm, it serves the ergonomic purpose.

I hope Sony gets the price right, they lost so many customers over the last 5 years just because they were too arrogant to offer a decent phone at a good price point, and their flagshit (!) phones can barely beat a Chinese midrange phone in ANY department!

  • Love the Community

Trump Fan 1980, 10 Dec 2019Note to Sony: don't forget to add WiFi 6 to this. Why? No common folk has Wi-Fi 6. I don't think anyone went out to the store and buy a 802.11ax router.

  • Anonymous

Sony still thinks that they are in position to shape the market. That kind of arrogance will cost them a lot....we see that in last few years... I can bet that they will put again small battery, again they will have some crazy design, completely different than its predecessor, no image, no personality.
I am not a Sony hater, its just something i noticed in last few years.
Its like they are adding their market share to cheesiness OEMs in purpose...unbelievable!

  • Anonymous

pan, 10 Dec 2019lemme help you with that... moreBattery is a weakness. And there is no excuse for the lack of capacity. Just because they do okay with a crap capacity doesn't justify them using one and you shouldn't defend then got it.
It just fairs well against a device with more poor optimizations and a high refresh rate display. And probably the Xperia has better standby time.
Do you know anything relevant?

Sony I love it :) I was first Android mobile phone Xperia ARC model.
But sony xperia lastest models has very low hardware technical specifications.
This xperia 3 model will had seems very strong hardware features.
For example RAM , Six Cameras , 5G .
I am Waiting Impatiently Xperia 3.

  • pan

SDK, 10 Dec 2019Please, don't embarrass yourselfhe meant this...­840&idPhone2=9689
quite embarrassing...

  • pan

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019Falselemme help you with that...

perhaps i am reading it wrong, but it says:
Xperia 5 - 3140 mah... OnePlus 7 Pro - 4000 mah
Xperia 5 - 96h endurance rating... OnePlus 7 Pro - 85h endurance rating...
but battery is not "everything" right?
so please attack xperia on its weakness, and battery performance is not one...
lemme suggest... bezel? arrgh...

  • Anonymous

MANGEKYO SHARINGAN, 10 Dec 2019Yall here been bashing Sony, like wtf? expecting a waterpro... moreSorry but nobody was here bashing. You are just a sensitive fan twisting it that way.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019I am surprised why no one talking about f1.2/2.4 variable a... moreI did. And I'll believe it when I see it.
It took them years to get OIS it even beach f2.0.

  • georgeX

Sony Is enjoying the sales from there sensor division, no need to keep on brainstorming why they wont release a proper camera competitor, what theyre doing now is just making sure everyone is buying there camera sensors as such they dont want to compete in the smartphone camera space.

Nokia 9 PureView's five camera is too much? Well Sony isn't listening, they better explain what are all those five cameras.

  • truth

Yann, 09 Dec 2019Dramatic change in the design shows, that SONY is completel... moreyou are really s...…. when a company profit or sales down you keep criticizing as if you are very smart. think apple sales is good is because of brand only. software and everything just normal.... the only good is the phone speaker.

  • Anonymous

I am surprised why no one talking about f1.2/2.4 variable aperture.
That sounds really good. And more cameras is always a bonus, iIwonder what the sensor size is.

ilgreco112, 09 Dec 2019guess what? the xperia 5 3100mah lasts almost on par with O... morePlease, don't embarrass yourself

Note to Sony: don't forget to add WiFi 6 to this.

  • Anonymous

dzoni, 09 Dec 2019what you gona do with 12gb ram play gta 6 lolDid you ask this to Samsung or other Chinese manufacturers? And didn't you guys complaint for lower ram in Sony phone?

You guys only f.... haters.

Actually we have complaints against Sony for not selling in India. In what world they are living is really a question.

They closed market where worst brand like Xiaomi and Vivo selling millions of phones and even Apple and Samsung's sell is higher in Asia. I think their marketing division will shrink their ship.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2019bs. xperia's screens are the best in the market. the camer... moreEverything the released basically til the x1 and in a few ways it as well.... Was just that. A phone that was cheaper but good enough. But they still charged the premium for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2019iPhones don’t need to be pumped with ram to run smoothly. Y... moreActually they do. Both systems use nearly identical percentages for apps. And low ram has been a cause of many issues for iPhones for years.

Not to mention that you simply should get what you pay for. Claiming you don't need a certain technology or amount of it as an excuse to defend companies is ridiculous. Especially if the price you pay justifies that you should get it. Whether you personally feel you need it or not. Plus future proofing is always a thing. But paying for it, not getting it, and then uselessly claiming you don't need it as some form as an excuse. That's ridiculous.