Our Google Pixel 4 video review is up

09 December 2019
Google's most controversial phone of the year is the subject of our scrutiny this time around.

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Anonymous, 14 Dec 2019Your bet is wrong, man. I use to have all of them including... moreyes yes yes... "Anonymous" post a photo link with number 8478 in your pixel calculator ;)

  • Anonymous

Dolanescu, 10 Dec 2019I bet you never had a Pixel... :))) Your bet is wrong, man. I use to have all of them including the latest Pixel 4 which is returned after a week or use. Still have Pixel 3 XL shelved as a backup phone. And every single I had Pixel in the pocket I needed some time to get use to it - the phone needed some time to growon me :). It was just hard to adapt to Pixels shitty look and underwhelming features. And Pixel always felt like not up for the price devices. New one is no different which is sad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2019Have you ever owned a Pixel phone? I have owned from both ... moreI use to had all Pixel phones in the past as well as Galaxy S series. Also owned few OnePlus phones, LG G8, LG V35, Sony Xperia XZ2, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, played with Pixel 4 for a week, currently have Galaxy Note10+ and Google Pixel 3 XL as a backup phone. To be honest, I've never saw any lags / stuttering or anything like that on all those phones. So from my own experience with flagship devices I can say with full confidence that famous Google smoothness is vastly exaggerated. And the only flagship phones I had hardware problems with were Pixels. Worth to mention that Pixels also always had horrible design, crappy batteries and damn high, not justified price.

  • frostmore

google is following crapple's model of business for their handphone business. That is just pure rubbish.
It's not helping them gain market share. Just make the pixel like the old nexus, with headphone jack, sdcard slot and a good size battery and screen size.

Following crapple's business model will only make you lose market share.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019Completely agree with review. Google just fooled us once ag... moreHave you ever owned a Pixel phone?
I have owned from both OnePlus and Google, and the experience is far superior on the Pixel. Pixel is not only fast (as OnePlus, when it is actually not lagging) but also smooth.

  • Pixel 4 owner

I have had the pixel 4 as my daily driver for about a week.
The battery life is adequate. It's not as bad as reviews make it sound. But it's not great either. It gives a day of moderate use. 3.5 hours screen time and calls watching YouTube and taking photos. Plus the other 13 hours standby and I get to about 25% by the end of the day. (Accubattery stats.)

The camera is amazing. All my colleagues agree they've not experienced a camera this good. But that's only worth about £200 to me.

How does it earn the other £450.
I disabled the 90Hz display feature on the day i got it. Turn it on only for VR/AR at which point it smooths things a bit.

It's faster than my old pixel 2. Has enough RAM now.
The AR and daydream experience is much better.
Photospheres are faster to take and process.
The live subtitles are great. Particularly with live translations so anime that doesn't have Sub yet can be understood.
The larger screen to body ratio is a welcome improvement.

All in all, it wasn't worth the upgrade unless you take into account the sale of my old pixel 2.
I miss the finger print reader.
Face unlock isn't as good as the pixel 2 reader.
The down firing speakers use software to mimic front firing ones. It's mostly good when there isn't a hard surface near them. They do go louder but make the phone vibrate in the process.
The radar feature is under used. Or just half baked. Don't know yet.

  • Anonymous

Google's only real strength is in the camera.
The "Stock Android" is fine too, but a lot of people want customization, especially for those prices that Google sells Pixels for, I think it should be an option in minimum.
Most of this stuff can be ported anyway, if you have atleast a bit of tech skills.

Batteries, screens, other software as well as hardware defects are common and now even the build quality itself is just bad. Price is one of the highest in the business, yet markets one of the smallest in terms of regions.

P1 and P2 were pretty good or atleast better than the P3 and P4.

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019Completely agree with review. Google just fooled us once ag... moreI bet you never had a Pixel... :)))

  • Anonymous

Completely agree with review. Google just fooled us once again. Sure someone can admire with this phone referring to it's brilliantly smooth pure Android (OnePlus does it better though), great camera (generally the same as previous models though), good 90Hz refresh rate screen (not working like that all the time though, nearly invisible at direct sunlight though), very nice....back design. It's certainly the best ever phone in vacuum or at least it will be an awesome phone to buy by the end of next year for $250 - 300. Thanks Google for a wasted effort!