Best Phones 2019: vote in the preliminary round

15 December 2019
We’ve selected a multitude of devices in three categories and we want you to select the best of them.

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  • Anonymous

Asus rog 2?

Bill Jobs, 17 Dec 2019People like you never ready to gain knowledge.. Education m... moreWhere did you get this result or judgment? Lol
It's so joyful to see 'the people like you' to get arrogant.
Merry Christmas my friend~

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2019Super cheap. Mi Note 10 = screen is not Samsung, not ... moreMy friend a more expensive PRO version of MI Note 10 cost in my country from 560 euros unlocked with free shipping.

And about the rest:
Mi Note 10 = screen is not Samsung, not LG nor Boe. The screen is amoled like most other flagships use so it should and will be comparable to others.

According to reviews it records bad videos with awful audio.
Dunno where you check those results but the camera is great enough.

It does not have stereo speakers, no IP rating , no sd slot, no usb 3 and poor battery life.
Man Its have 3,5 mm jack so pluiging earphones will be like having a stereo. IP rating is useless and garbage as long as your warranty wont cover water damage IP rating is costly useless and obsolette as always no excuses here. 5260 battery life is great enough and SD730 is far less powerhungry than for example SD710 or SD660 or SD630 the CPU is great enough. It have 128GB and cloud storage everywhere. Man my Moto X4 have 64GB disk space and i used like 70% of it in 2 years since i bought it. Still have like 12GB left. Your statement is completely wrong. Buy an exernal harddrive for storing a po°n hub videos. USB 2.0 supports a fast charge and the phone can top up battery really fast.
If you think you can do it better make your own phone and stop complaining pease.

With more than 5000 mAh, it should have scored here more than 110h.
Man even S10+ by Samsung with much better CPU had only 91h endurance rating so what???

By the way, it costs more than $1000 in here. Carrier device.
Unlocked will surely pass $1250 About this try other Vendor for example one from my country is not that hard. Or make own phone own device nobody forcing you to buy this.

NickNameNick, 17 Dec 2019Okay~Interesting Lmao~Sweet nut on fire O^O/People like you never ready to gain knowledge.. Education might be your one enemy..

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 17 Dec 2019Why laughable? The 1 is indeed a flagship-tier device, it r... moreIt's a proper flagship first and gaming phone second.
Gsmarena included foldable devices but not one of the most anticipated phones of 2019?

Bill Jobs, 17 Dec 2019I showed you a plus minus calculation.. How people are bein... moreOkay~Interesting
Lmao~Sweet nut on fire

  • Srinivas

Why you guys ditched Asus. I was scrolling up and down for Asus Zenfone 6. Best phone of 2019.

Cheetah2k, 17 Dec 2019Sony Xperia 1 being in the flagship list is laughable... ... moreWhy laughable? The 1 is indeed a flagship-tier device, it replaces the XZ series after all.

As for that ASUS ROG Phone 2, that's a gaming phone and there is only three gaming phone on the market so far - ASUS, ZTE, and Xiaomi. Not worthy for a voting poll.

My choice for best flagship from the list: LG G8 ThinQ. Camera with total manual control, IP68 and MIL-STD-810G rating, microSD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, and FM Radio? That's my choice, easily!

My choice for best midranger from the list: Sony Xperia 10 Plus. 21:9 screen just like the one on its big brother the X1 and a native telephoto camera gets my vote. Most phones on this list feature pointless depth sensor or macro camera. While some features ultrawide camera, it's the one that I very rarely use.

Couldn't be bothered to vote for entry-level phones, sorry about that.

  • Anonymous

Huh.... Where is rog 2.???... First phone with 855+ and 120hz screen... If it's not flagship than what different and better other flagships have?

Sony Xperia 1 being in the flagship list is laughable...

Why isnt the Asus ROG 2 in the list?
Why isnt there a Best Gaming Phone category..??

GSMa you lost the plot

NickNameNick, 16 Dec 2019Only born no die? Considering that some countries are doing... moreI showed you a plus minus calculation.. How people are being so nut now!!

Do some internet man instead.. Population in the world is currently (2019-2020) growing at a rate of around 1.08% per year (down from 1.10% in 2018, 1.12% in 2017 and 1.14% in 2016). The current average population increase is estimated at 82 million people per year

  • Anonymous

I'm really disappointed this year there are some pretty big names absent, the way I would do it is by letting people choose 1st the best phone of every company in respecting category and then choose between best phones from every company, the best ones all around, that would give the fair chance, no matter the size of manufacturer and how many phones they make, they would only have 1 contestant on every class.
That way in flagships we would have Note 10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Honor V30 Pro, Pixel 4 XL, Xperia 1, LG V50, HTC U19e, Mi 9 Pro, Moto One Zoom, Oppo Reno Ace, Vivo Nex 3 5G, Meizu 16S Pro, Nokia 9, OP 7T Pro McLaren, ROG II, ZTE Axon 10, Sharp Zero2, Lenovo Z6 Pro, Realme X2 Pro and most importantly phone which could easily win, Mate 30 RS, also really notable omissions in other classes: Mi 9T, Mi A3, S10e, Realme X, LG G8S, P30

Bill Jobs, 16 Dec 2019Did I say Sharp at 8 billion? I say almost.. and do you kno... moreOnly born no die? Considering that some countries are doing today in the Middle East.
It's interesting to see people get red, lmao

  • Anonymous

How can the Moto razr contend for top flagship of 2019 when it doesn't even release until sometime in January 2020?

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2019Like always: people vote for what they use themselves. The ... morePrice is not the dominant factor to consider a device to be among the best phones per cathegory, hence, an expensive or overpriced phone if good enough above the average had a place in these listings

Best flagship?
- Asus ROG phone 2
- Samsung galaxy note 10+
- IPhone 11 pro
- Huawei P30 pro
- Sony Xperia 1

Best Midranger
- Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20

Best entry phone
- Xiaomi Redmi note 7.
- Xiaomi MI A3

NickNameNick, 16 Dec 2019Okay then, 0.2 billion lol. Anyway, you are right. Have a g... moreDid I say Sharp at 8 billion? I say almost.. and do you know the population growth of today? The neat population growth of today is 222500+

I hope you can count..

Bill Jobs, 16 Dec 2019You should have checked once.. According to UN the populati... moreOkay then, 0.2 billion lol. Anyway, you are right. Have a good day too.

Love the Community, 16 Dec 2019Well, I assume that most people nowadays probably have a sm... moreI can just appreciate your prediction.. But I'm ensuring you that there are billion of people who are still using featured phone in third world countries..