Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will be unveiled in Paris in March, no Google on board

17 December 2019
Instead, the phones will launch with Huawei Mobile Services - the company's alternative to the Google app package.

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Mate 30 series w/out GMS after 3-months internationally - DOA!
Mate X internationally - DOA!

Now, after the cruelty that Huawei had forced unconstitutional imprisonment/detainment on its own ex-employee, which is likely going to challenge many Chinese consumers loyalty to Huawei moving forward, the P40 series, etc. has a tough road ahead even in mainland China.

    Whackcar, 17 Dec 2019The camera battle between P40 Pro & S11 will be excitin... moreGrab some popcorn!

      Can't believe how many people in the west are so reliant on Google. Personally. I admit I have a Google account. But I have found so many good apps actually better than what Google has. And... Some very good app stores. Apk mirror, apk pure, aurora apps, aptoide, f-droid, get apk market.

      Also it seems people in the west. Simply just go to there carrier and either choose Sammy or apple? There are way better phones available online direct. I strongly recommend that people buy a good Sim or number. And get a good phone online from oppo or oneplus or vivo or xiaomi or Asus or meizu or ZTE and many more names. Best buy from Aliexpress.

      You will find many phones not usually available from carriers. And have insane performance and usually the higher specs that what carriers usually sell you.

      855+ 12GB Ram etc... Real power. Instead of just 6 or 8gb ram. And a mere 855...

      There are cheaper phones and more power and innovation available safely and securely not only from your local carrier... And there are way better apps out there that are better than Google.

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        • 17 Dec 2019

        Dead On Arrival

          KebabSLO, 17 Dec 2019Better go with galaxy s11 boys and girls. Huawei will prob... moreAnd Sammy did not pump their prices hahaha.
          No thx, I will love a phone with no Google scam... Really.
          And Huawei make awesome flagship phones.
          I still love my Mate 20X and with Android 10 for around a month now.
          Had Samsung for many years, S serie and Note models, no doubt I take a Mate anytime vs Sammy. Cameras, battery etc. it's just working and it works smoothly also after a year, that's the difference for me, Sammy didn't.

            The camera battle between P40 Pro & S11 will be exciting.

            Too bad the Huawei phone won't get much attention due to the lack of GMS, just like Mate 30 Pro.

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              • 17 Dec 2019


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                • 17 Dec 2019

                KebabSLO, 17 Dec 2019Better go with galaxy s11 boys and girls. Huawei will prob... moreNope. Better to go for Xiaomi.

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                  • 17 Dec 2019

                  Things might change before then

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                    • 17 Dec 2019

                    This Will Not Work In The United States.. We Must Have Google Services..

                      Better go with galaxy s11 boys and girls.
                      Huawei will probably pump the prices way too high.